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I’ve been assured by the dopers on this site that thc is harmless/victimless.

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From the linked short article:

Federal well being officials and investigators nevertheless haven’t pinpointed a certain item or ingredient that is at fault, but they have repeatedly stated that THC vapes seem to be driving most of the instances, and they have some concepts about what could be taking place. And it is not so significantly the THC that is the difficulty — don’t forget, people today have been vaping from dried herb vaporizers for years — but one thing gone incorrect in the pre-processed liquids identified in vape cartridges.&#13

For instance, it is probable some ingredient has been introduced into the US provide chain that is sickening people today. 1 prospective contaminant is vitamin E acetate. Of the 225 THC-containing solutions the FDA has tested, as of October 11, 47 % contained the oily substance, which is employed as a low-priced thinner in vaping solutions. The current Utah information identified the chemical in 89 % of the THC-containing cartridges tested there. New York State also identified vitamin E acetate in several of the cartridges employed by individuals suffering respiratory illness. Even even though vitamin E acetate is safely employed in nutritional supplements, it is not secure to inhale into the lungs.&#13

It is also probable that an additional, however-to-be-identified ingredient is generating people today sick. “[Black market products can] incorporate other chemical compounds,” such as pesticides, Beau Kilmer, the director of the RAND Drug Policy Investigation Center, told Vox final week. “And as we’re seeing [with the outbreak], some of these chemical compounds can be quite dangerous when vaporized.”&#13

Contemplating no other nation is experiencing a related outbreak of this scale, and that scores of people today have employed nicotine e-cigarettes and THC dried herb vapes more than several years without having an apparent difficulty like this so far, the contaminant theory tends to make sense. Now, it is time for well being regulators to act, stated Hammond. “[Thirty-four] people today have died. [Imagine] we have been speaking floor mats in a Ford or Toyota. These solutions wouldn’t be on the market place any longer.”&#13