Sexing Marijuana Plants

Sexing marijuana plants is a important component of the developing and breeding approach. Cannabis plants are commonly dioecious plants, which signifies that they will generate either female or male reproductive organs. In specific environmental situations, having said that, cannabis plants can be monoecious, also recognized as “hermaphroditic.” Monoecious plants function each male and female reproductive organs.


When developing from seed, growers hold a close eye on early plant development to make positive they know which plants are female and which are male. Recognizing the distinction in between the sexes tells growers no matter whether the plant will be made use of to develop trichome-wealthy and dense flower buds or to generate thrilling new genetics. If you are working out your green thumb with cannabis plants, here’s almost everything you must know about sexing marijuana plants as early as probable.

The Importance 

When cannabis growers acquire a marijuana clone, the clone will have the similar sex as its mother. Having said that, cannabis grown from seeds, even these advertised as “feminized seeds,” demands cautious focus for the duration of their development phase. There is a robust likelihood that as a lot of as half of your marijuana seeds will develop into male plants. If you are attempting to develop female flower buds to their maximum possible, male plants can ruin a harvest when they distribute pollen.


A single male marijuana plant can pollinate an complete cannabis develop operation. Some specialists even advocate a minimum distance of 10 miles in between outside marijuana fields to stay clear of cross-pollination. Marijuana pollen can attain even additional than that, but the danger is drastically lowered. Marijuana pollination is an critical component of breeding new hybrid and steady genetics. When industrial breeding operations use hundreds of plants and hunt for the most desirable phenotypes, house growers are commonly restricted to modest-batch breeding by government cultivation limitations.


If a female marijuana plant gets pollinated, it stops developing flower buds and switches to seed production. Non-pollinated female plants are also recognized as sinsemilla, which means “without seeds.” These plants generate the most terpene- and cannabinoid-wealthy flower buds. Removing male plants from the garden as quickly as probable keeps your female crop intact and developing flowers.

Sexing Marijuana Plants

In order to establish the sex of your marijuana plant, you will require to spend close focus to the region of the plant exactly where sexual organs develop. A cannabis plant’s sexual organs develop at the nodes, exactly where the base of the leaf stalk (petiole) attaches to the primary stem Growers must use a 10x loupe or hand-held magnifying glass to find and monitor stipules at these nodes. Stipules resemble two narrow spikes, one particular on either side of the node. Examine the node area each day for calyxes emerging from the stipules.


  • If the calyx is raised on a modest, quick stem, and staminate primordia (modest sacs) are developing in between the nodes, it is most likely a male plant.
  • If pistillate primordia (two fuzzy white hairs) are developing in between the nodes and the calyx is not raised on a modest quick stem, it is a female plant.


Growers can get a great notion of no matter whether a plant is male or female earlier in the flowering cycle, even with out seeing the reproductive organs. If seeds of the similar strain are planted at the similar time, the distinction in sex will normally manifest in diverse heights. Female plants have a tendency to develop shorter and bushier compared to male plants. Female plants also have a bigger quantity of leaves close to the leading than males (exactly where flowers will type).


As you develop far more plants, you will find out to establish the sex of your plants for the duration of the vegetative stage of development. Novice growers may possibly take a handful of weeks longer to establish the sex of the plant. You must be checking the nodes each day for calyxes developing from the stipules. At the extremely most recent, plants will show their sex two or 3 weeks immediately after the light schedule is switched to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness every single day.

Removing Male Plants

Eliminate male marijuana plants as quickly as you establish their sex. Male marijuana plants generate a scant quantity of flowers with extremely low THC levels. Nevertheless, there are a lot of good makes use of for male cannabis plants. As an alternative of discarding your male plants, right here are a handful of methods to make the most of them:


  • Breed new genetics by pollinating choose female plants.
  • Juice the leaves of male cannabis plants or place them in a salad.
  • Extract cannabinoids from male plants’ leaves, stems, and sacs to generate concentrates.
  • Use the soft hemp fiber made by male plants to make clothes and other textiles


Sexing marijuana plants gets a lot easier the far more occasions you do it. At very first, you may possibly have problems identifying the distinct qualities of the cannabis plant’s male and female reproductive organs, but day-to-day observation assists you catch these male plants early.


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