There seems to be an abundance of hybrids on the market, and pure marijuana strains are hard to come by in recent years. What may be even harder for newbies, is to know what pure strains are sold on the market, and which have been off the market for a while. It is a breath of fresh air to find a pure Indica strain, such as the Purple Kush strain, that is not only available on the market, but is sold in multiple cities.

Purple Kush marijuana was named a Top 10 Kush Strain, by the High Times Cannabis Cup, back in 2016.

The Purple Kush marijuana strain is a pure Indica. Its aroma is subtle with a berry aroma, followed by grape, and an earthy undertone. The THC ranges from 15-17%, making it a strain that will give users a good trip. A buzzed body high and head high leaves users in a relaxed state, that typically results in the land of dreams.


Purple Kush was originally bred in the neighborhood that calls itself Oaksterdamn, known by almost everyone else as Oakland, California.


What exactly is this place all about? Well, Oaksterdamn was named appropriately, and resembles the atmosphere of Amsterdam to a tee. Medical cannabis is available not only at dispensaries, but also at cares clubs, and restaurants. In this area, marijuana is legal to process and cultivate, and all a person needs is a doctors note, which is legal in terms of California, but not legal in federal law. Since 2012, the DEA has been trying to raid this section of the city, and wants to shut down not only the freeness of medical cannabis, but the University in the neighborhood as well.

Parent Strains

Since Purple Kush is a pure Indica, it’s a no brainer that its parent’s strains are going to be Indica strains as well. Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani are the two responsible for creating Purple Kush. Taking a quick peek at each parent strain can be helpful in understanding the Purple Kush marijuana strain.

Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush marijuana strain is a pure Indica strain that comes from the Hindu mountains from Pakistan and Afghanistan. A deep sense of calm can be felt down low within a person soul, leaving them to feel at ease. Aromas of earth, sandalwood, and sweet all surround this marijuana. Outstanding for those who deal with insomnia and pain.

Purple Afghani

The Purple Afghani strain gives its offspring its potent THC levels, coming in always at around 25%. Users can expect to be drowsy, happy, and immensely hungry. The aroma of this strain contains scents of blue cheese, sage, wood, and earth.

Purple Kush is one of the rare strains that not only mimics its parent’s effects on scents, but it has one name taken from each of its parent strain. This makes it easy for consumers to remember where the Purple Kush strain came from.


The Purple Kush strain can leave a person feeling tired, drowsy, and flat out sleepy. The THC content is moderately high, which means users will not only feel glued to the couch, but they will feel buzzed to the sofa as well. It is for this reason that users typically use this strain at night.

Users will notice their high is instantly eased into realization, through their body and mind, at the same time. It is a slow rise and a calming low that allows people to ride the high through their nap, or bedtime. People will wake up feeling relaxed, and ready to take on the day.

Yes, this strain has high THC, but since it is a pure Indica cannabis, it will still allow even those sensitive to THC to have a good time. People who are new to the marijuana world don’t have to take any precaution, as far as consumption of this strain is concerned.

The mental high will be more trippy than clear, and cerebral effects will take place through a cloud of fog and haze. This strain isn’t ideal for those who need to get work done, or need to use their brain for clear and precise thoughts. The term dopey was invented by users on this strain, and while a permanent smile will be left on consumers face, thoughts and ideas will be a bit jumbled. Ideas that you thought were so good mid-high, will not make any sense to you now. If you can remember to write your ideas down, and read them later, it can be a real treat to reread where your mind was in the moment of your trip. Sometimes, you might understand your thoughts, and other times you will laugh out of pure enjoyment, wondering what you were thinking.

Recreational Uses

It should be crystal clear by now, that this strain is excellent for nighttime, or afternoon use. Using this during the day will result in a nap, or some hardcore vegging out.

Since this strain will leave its users hungry, it can be great to pair with food tasting, as long as the food tasting is only a few hours long. Having the munchies gives people an excellent opportunity to dive deep into foodie activities, and can also be great to pair with food truck events, or a tapas restaurant.

Another fun activity the Purple Kush marijuana strain can be paired with, is going to involve anything you can do from the comfort of your couch. These activities can include things such as watching movies, binging television shows, and reading.

Those who are introverted will be big fans of this strain, since it is one that is typically enjoyed at home, alone and in the comfort of one’s own space. If you are more of an extroverted person and want to enjoy this with others, it can be great to pair with date nights. Being relaxed can help those who get stressed, to take a chill pill, and live in the moment with the one they love. It can also act as an aphrodisiac, allowing those who have been struggling intimately, to finally find their groove.

Other Recreational Activities Include:

  • Crossword puzzles
  • World of WarCraft
  • Sewing
  • Playing an instrument
  • Baking (just make sure to cook things that don’t take a long time to bake)

This is a long-time cannabis favorite, ideal for those to use after a killer day at work. It can also help in dealing with annoying coworkers, or after a long day with your boss. Forget about numbers, and forget about work, with a bit of the Purple Kush marijuana strain.

Medical Uses

A marijuana strain, that comes out of the most prominent medical marijuana neighborhood in the country, is sure to pack a big punch.

The blissful long-lasting euphoria, takes users to a place of rainbows and butterflies. Their body will melt into the feeling of being a child again. Any pain or ailments, will be greatly diminished, and you can get up with ease, forgetting for a moment, that you have chronic pain to endure.


Insomnia is a common ailment, that many people turn to cannabis, to help treat. Other pharmaceutical drugs, or over the counter sleep aids, leave you drowsy in the morning, and can be extremely harmful to your liver. You don’t want to get sleep at the cost of ruining your liver. Purple Kush is the perfect insomnia heavy hitter to get users to a place of R.E.M sleep.

Appetite Loss

Appetite loss, affects people for numerous reasons like stress, depression, and those who are in a state of mourning. Some people eat during their sorrow, and others literally have an appetite that disappears. Extreme weight loss can add up to a number of health issues, and people can eventually die from malnutrition. Purple Kush can help people eat something, in order to retain nutrients, and live a healthy life. People might eat full meals, and some might eat small snacks, but either way, Purple Kush helps get some type of food into a users stomach.

Body Pain

Body pain can be a brutal ailment that is both annoying and debilitating, it can keep a person from doing simple tasks, such as brushing their hair, or tying their shoes. Substantial body pain keeps a person glued to their chair or bed, ruining their quality of life. Purple Kush comes into the picture and takes all of this pain away, allowing a person to do everyday things that are necessary to live a healthy life.


Purple Kush is an Indica strain, which means that those who typically stay away from higher THC strains, due to an onset of panic attacks, paranoia or anxiety, can enjoy Purple Kush with pleasure knowing it combats anxiety.Those who already have anxiety or stress, can use the Purple Kush strain worry-free.

People Use Purple Kush Medically for:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Jitters
  • Hangovers


With a name like Purple Kush the first thing that people will think of, aroma wise, is going to be berry, fruit, and even grape. If you were thinking that same thing, then you would be correct.

A big part of the bag appeal, is the aroma. While a sweet berry scent is sure to fill the air, users will also smell scents of sandalwood and musk. The overall smell is very exotic, and is a scent most users never knew they could love so much.

The smoke is a bit heavy, and rough. It can be heavy in the lungs, but may also bother users’ sinuses in those who aren’t used to cannabis smoke. Coughing fits may affect people who aren’t familiar with Indica smoke. On the exhale, some users have said this strain tastes a bit like grape cough syrup, which is good, or bad, depending on where you stand regarding the liquid medication.


If you don’t like the sound of a heavy smoke, then it is suggested you try this strain in other forms such as:

  • Edibles
  • Wax
  • Shatter
  • Topicals
  • Lotion

What is the difference between the consumption methods? Edibles are more potent, and last longer than smoke or vape. However, smoke and vape will hit you in just a few minutes, so each consumption method will be dependent on the type of high you want.

If you are one who typically uses edibles, Purple Kush might be a strain you want to try via smoke or vape. If you don’t like heavy smoke, then try this via vape, since vape smoke is a bit easier to handle than classic smoke from a joint or pipe. It is important to note that those who want to vape marijuana, should not do so in a classic vape from a vape store, because cannabis isn’t meant to be burned at the same temperature as typical vape liquids.


Thankfully for anyone who is interested in growing the Purple Kush strain, there is a lot of information out there on it. This strain is a moderately tricky strain to grow, and can be done so indoors, or outdoors.

The bush grows low and bushy, which is excellent for those who have a small growing space. Purple Kush starts as a plant that doesn’t rise above 3 feet, and can be the right choice for those who want to grow cannabis discreetly.

The flowering time for Purple Kush takes about 7-9 weeks, which is on the shorter end for cannabis growing times. Growing outdoors requires the plant to be harvested around September, which is a nice change-up from plants that are typically ready for harvest in October.

Purple Kush yield is on the moderate to higher end, with 37 grams expected per square footage of plant. The buds should be cured for about a week after they are harvested. To do this all you need to do is hang them upside down, in a room that has 50% humidity, and a temperature hovering at around 70 degrees. Curing should always be done indoors, and not outdoors, so temperature and humidity can be properly cared for.


Ever wonder how certain plants get a purple color in their appearance, and others don’t? Purple Kush can thank its lineage in having the purple pigments to begin with, and growers bring these pigments out, by a process called shocking. This is done so purposely, by the grower, through exposing the plant to colder temperatures, and should only be done close to harvesting. Shocking a plant too soon won’t make the purple color come out more, it will just ruin the plant’s yield.

Shocking of plants is a practice taken from mother nature herself, and is the reason why leaves change colors in fall. If it gets too cold, too fast, leaves fall off the trees before they have a chance ever to change colors, and that will similarly happen in the Purple Kush marijuana plant.

Tight flowers are covered in white trichomes that glimmer in the light, and give off a white-silver shine. Green leaves are intertwined with purple leaves, giving the plant a look that anyone can pick out. The pistils are like other Indica plants, which are orange in color. Overall, the whole plant stands out in appearance, from leaves to buds.

The resin in this plant is very sticky!

Adverse Effects

Purple Kush is a standout strain, that has been popular for years, and this usually indicates that adverse side effects are non-existent.

Non-moisturized eyes and cottonmouth will leave users reaching for water and moisturizer. A bit of liquid can cure both ailments in seconds, and they will not bother them for the remainder of your high.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of this strain have praised it for being able to treat surgical recovery processes. Even those with massive surgeries, such as spine and bone fusions, have found relief with Purple Kush marijuana strain.

The high is happy and uplifting, while also being smooth and trippy. Great for those who want to fall asleep smiling.

All reviews praise this strain for having the best taste and scent on the market. Users who try it for the first time, are genuinely surprised by its flavors. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make a horse drink, the same is valid with this strain. It is suggested to everyone, and it isn’t until people finally try it, that consumers understand all the hype around it.

Similar Strains

Nothing will ever be 100% the same as the Purple Kush marijuana strain, but a few strains come pretty close. If you love this strain, you should check out other similar strains such as:

  • Green Monster
  • Sugar Mamma
  • Stary Night
  • Zeta Sage
  • Blueberry Skunk
  • Russian Rocket Fuel
  • Ghost Ship
  • Monster Cookies
  • Apollo 13
  • Hurricane
  • Hawaiian Myan Gold
  • French Toast
  • Orange Creamsicle

Final Thoughts

Purple Kush is an Indica strain that has high THC levels, and some super-beneficial effects. The body and mind will be buzzed for hours on end. Purple Kush is a strain used recreationally, but is even better used in a therapeutic manner. Berry, fruity and musky aromas fill the space around consumers, leaving nostrils with a real treat.


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