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PEKIN, Ill. – The Pekin City Council Monday evening authorized a public hearing to be held for discussions of cannabis dispensaries places.

Pekin Mayor Mark Luft mentioned it assists the council when they hear what the neighborhood desires.

“In this circumstance with the cannabis, from start out to finish, their input is particularly essential,” Luft mentioned.

The hearing final results will go to the strategy commission to appear at the zoning for probable dispensary places.

“We do want to be proactive of exactly where these can be,” Luft mentioned. “We’ll let the strategy commission appear at that. They’ll make a recommendation if it demands shortened, lengthened, any of the distances, if we’re on the suitable track.”

Luft mentioned when the commission decides the terms, they will be provided to the council for a vote to be produced.

The City of Pekin has not authorized or rejected the sale of recreational cannabis however, according to Luft, simply because the council desires to make confident almost everything is in order very first.

“Now we will have the zoning to show the neighborhood that if a dispensary is authorized, that we are getting proactive and accountable for how quite a few, exactly where they can be, places. So, we are displaying duty moving up to the final vote which will be to approve a dispensary, or not,” Luft mentioned.

Luft mentioned the date for the public hearing will be for the duration of the very first week of November.