Author: Workplace of Governor Gavin Newsom
Published: Oct 28, 2019
Sacramento, California

SACRAMENTO – Today, Governor Gavin Newsom announced the launch of a new state web site with tools and sources for Californians who have been impacted by wildfires and utility-directed energy shutoffs.

The web site, RESPONSE.CA.GOV, combines emergency response, recovery and resilience info into a single spot for straightforward access by customers. It is a 1-quit portal that involves regional and state resources, wellness solutions, shelters and housing, preparedness info, and additional.

“California continues to rise to the challenge of energy shutoffs and organic disasters,” mentioned Governor Newsom. “RESPONSE.CA.GOV provides Californians with a unified portal for essential info in the course of this state of emergency. This web-site will constantly be updated as necessary to offer Californians with the sources they will need.”

RESPONSE.CA.GOV provides Californians with info and sources for existing incidents, transportation impacts, essential wellness solutions info, shelter and housing places, unemployment help and other state info. The web site also directs customers to Public Security Energy Shutoff info and preparedness ideas. As incidents continue to evolve, the portal will be updated to reflect the most current info and any added sources the state could create.

The Governor yesterday declared a statewide emergency due to the unsafe climate situations. Earlier nowadays, Governor Newsom joined the state’s major fire and emergency management officials to offer an update on statewide fire and wind situations, and announced that California has secured a Fire Management Help Grant to aid guarantee the availability of sources to fight the Getty Fire. California has also secured Fire Management Help Grants to bolster the response to the Kincade and Tick fires, for which the Governor previously declared a state of emergency in Sonoma and Los Angeles counties.

More than the course of the previous week, the Governor has met with emergency responders, wellness officials, residents and local leaders in Petaluma, Napa, Geyserville and Los Angeles, and held public briefings relating to the ongoing fire threats and the will need to hold utilities accountable for the consequences of their energy shutoff choices.

The Governor has also announced a $75 Million Program for state and regional governments to mitigate the impacts of energy shutoffs, and unveiled a series of new partnerships and new tools to aid safe medically vulnerable populations in the course of these events.

Beneath Governor Newsom’s leadership, California passed AB 1054, wildfire security and utility reform legislation that expands the CPUC’s capability to hold utilities accountable for their security record — a central component of the Governor’s wildfire security actions.

The legislation designed a new wildfire security division at the CPUC and a board of independent professional advisors to additional successfully regulate the security of publicly owned utilities. The law mandated that utilities tie executive compensation to security efficiency, invest $five billion in security improvements without profit, and go via a new yearly wildfire safety overview and certification process. It also needs new inspections of utility electrical gear. Beneath the law, utilities will have to produce a wildfire security committee in their corporate board, and offer direct board-level security reporting to the CPUC.

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