A dispensary in the Hudson Valley is providing individuals a new type of health-related marijuana — the 1st raw cannabis item to be supplied in New York.

Dr. Stacia Woodcock is assistant director of operations at Curaleaf New York.

“This is the 1st actual flower-primarily based health-related cannabis item accessible in New York. So we’re the 1st dispensary that is been capable to bring this to industry,” Woodcock says. “And that is significant for a couple of motives. 1 is that it is cannabis in its most all-natural type, so minimal processing. All of the terpenes and cannabinoids are nonetheless intact. It is the actual plant material, but it is nonetheless processed in a way so it is totally free of any pesticides or contaminants, so it is protected for the patient.”

The ground flower pods had been 1st sold in Curaleaf’s Extended Island dispensary, and are now accessible at the Newburgh place. Woodcock says the ground flower is price productive.

“So when we appear at the ground flower, individuals are getting 700 milligrams of active cannabinoids for a price of $55. And so that is pretty much double the quantity the cannabinoids they would be capable to get from an typical vape pen that would price anyplace from $55-$80, based on what percentage it is,” says Woodcock. [Read more at WAMC]