COUNCILLORS in Malaga have pledged their help to a ‘marijuana grandmother’ who was arrested just after the Guardia Civil seized cannabis plants from her nation mansion.

Members of the left-wing coalition Adelante Malaga posed for a photo-shoot with 76-year-old Fernanda de la Figuera, who is a veteran weed legalisation activist. 

She is facing 4 years in prison for increasing marijuana plants in her residence, which had been distributed to members of a nearby cannabis association.

Assistance: Figuera (in pink, front) with Adelante Malaga supporters

The so-referred to as ‘cannabis club,’ Marias por la maria, makes use of the plant to relieve the effects of illnesses which includes cancer, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, which causes muscular discomfort. 

Adelante Malaga councillor Nicolas Sguiglia referred to as the proposed jail term a ‘disproportionate penalty’ and stated he was in favour of decriminalising ‘the cultivation and use of cannabis for self-consumption or therapeutic purposes.’ 

It is not the very first time that the cannabis nan has faced the courts for marijuana offences In 1995 she was acquitted in a comparable case. 

Fernanda de la Figuera’s newest trial starts October 30.

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