Chem Haze is an upcoming marijuana strain that is positive to win awards in the close to future, such as rookie of the year. This Sativa dominant hybrid has a flavor profile as opposed to any other, with notes of strawberry and diesel. Opposites attract, and the similar is correct with this marijuana strain from taste to scent.

A longer higher time leaves customers content for hours, and the comedown is smooth and gentle. You can really feel the higher start off to put on off, and rather of ending abruptly, it brings you down progressively.

Chem Haze is also referred to as OG Chem Haze, and it has rather the household background.

Parent Strains

What strains are accountable for creating the Chem Haze marijuana strain? It is a mix of a couple of unique ones such as Chemdawg, OG Kush and Super Silver Haze. Due to the fact there isn&#8217t significantly data on Chem Haze, mastering as significantly as we can about the parent strains is going to be extremely advantageous.


Chemdawg is recognized for its diesel-like aroma which it passes onto the Chem Haze Strain. Chemdawg is in the marijuana hall of fame, and has been made use of in breeding lots of heavy-hitting cannabis strains. Chemdawg is extremely potent, and its THC content material comes in at 15-20%.

Chemdawg hits customers speedily, and will have a disoriented or focused head higher. The effects will rely on the dose. Inventive men and women frequently use this strain to get factors completed. The all round aroma is diesel and earthy.

OG Kush

OG Kush comes out of the OG sunshine state of Florida and has been about considering the fact that the early 90&#8217s. OG Kush is one particular of these marijuana strains that have numerous phenotypes. Earthy, pine, and wood are all flavors a user will taste and smell. This hybrid is terrific for creating men and women notice an uplifted mood and spirit.

Lots of use OG Kush to assist with tension, depression, and discomfort.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is a further cannabis strain that has been about considering the fact that the 90&#8217s. It is categorized as a Sativa hybrid, and this strain is exceptional for daytime use. Flavors of earthy, citrus and sweet make this one particular of the additional attractive strains taste-smart, when compared to the other parent strains of Chem Haze.


Chem Haze is a Sativa dominant strain and should really be made use of by customers for the duration of the daytime. Applying it at evening will hold customers up, and disturb their sleep cycles. Whilst lots of enjoy this strain, there are not lots of user testimonials readily available.


The THC content material isn&#8217t 100% recognized, nevertheless, just about every single form of marijuana has THC in it currently. With the parent strains all containing a important quantity, you can bet on a larger percentage of THC becoming in this strain as properly.

Shoppers will really feel a adjust in mood, which will be in a constructive sense. Adverse thoughts or feelings will be turned into content ones, and a particular person&#8217s frown will be turned upside down.

If you stroll into a dispensary and ask for a strain that leaves you uplifted, with additional of a head higher than a physique higher, the workers will recommend a strain such as Chem Haze.

Recreational Utilizes

Chem Haze is a terrific strain to pair with any form of social activity. If you have a celebration coming up, odds are you will want to use a bit of this strain to unwind your nerves, whilst at the similar time having you prepared to chat away with everybody at the celebration. Folks you usually don&#8217t have significantly in frequent with, are challenging to converse with, and Chem Haze enables you to have a friendly chat.

If you are carrying out any physical activity, this strain can be excellent to use with it. Probably you are going to hike in the forest or kayak down the river. In these instances, Chem Haze can pair nicely to give you an further enhance, and boost the scenery about you.

This strain isn&#8217t for the weak, and customers can count on the all round effects to be potent.

Can Pair Properly With:

  • Vacation parties
  • Games
  • Sports
  • Birthdays

Health-related Utilizes

Therapeutically, this marijuana strain can assist with mental ailments such as tension, depression and anxiousness. Obtaining these eliminated from your day enables you to concentrate on function, close friends and household.

Headache, and migraine sufferers, can use Chem Haze to erase the pounding feeling they encounter in their head. These who endure from migraines, that are so terrible they can&#8217t get out of bed, should really use a larger dose.

ADD and ADHD can be drastically eased with the Chem Haze marijuana strain. It reels peoples thoughts in, so they can improved concentrate on the process at hand. This strain is also worthwhile at assisting men and women organize their tips into a additional manageable believed approach.

Valuable in Treating:

  • Minor physique discomfort
  • Fatigue
  • Mental fog
  • Low power


The all round aroma of this strain is a quite typical cannabis aroma, with a bit of a sour kick. It is a potent strain, so these who want to use cannabis discreetly should really not use it. Even just breaking open the buds, will give off a massive smell, and fill the air about you.

The smoke is smooth, and earthy flavors will be tasted on the inhale, followed by a sour citrus taste on the exhale.


Chem Haze is a marijuana that can be grown indoors or outdoors. Seasoned growers advise that you develop this one particular indoors.

The plant size is quite typical, and it doesn&#8217t look to get as well tall, or as well bushy. The seeds do finest when they are grown in soil that is enriched with added nutrients.

Chem Haze has a yield that is moderate in size, and offers a wealthy portion to these who develop it. Flowering requires about eight to ten weeks.

This plant is sensitive to pests, mites, and gnats, which is why additional seasoned growers like to develop it inside. Pests or mites can be challenging to detect, and they can ruin your complete crop.

Adverse Effects

Folks can count on to get some degree of dry eyes, and dry mouth. Be ready, and drink water all through your higher.

Munchies might influence some customers, but everybody is a bit unique. A secure bet is to have a snack nearby, in case the munchies do hit.

Comparable Strains

If you are a fan of this strain, you may well like a couple of of these equivalent strains.

  • Chem D Cookies
  • Cheese N Chaze
  • Chem Jones
  • Fuel
  • Chemwreck Kush
  • Connoisseur Cookies
  • Diesel Dipped Cookies
  • East Coast Cookies
  • East Coast Sour Diesel Haze
  • Chemdawg

Final Thoughts

Chem Haze is positive to turn some heads in the years to come. Customers can count on this Sativa Dominant strain to uplift their mood, and turn any social occasion into a true celebration. This strain is potent from aroma to effects, so take your dose accordingly.


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