29 Oct 2019 — At this year’s Meals components Europe (FiE), Bell Flavors &amp Fragrances EMEA will present a variety of taste options with a sturdy concentrate on naturalness and well being and properly-getting. From December three-five, the flavor home will showcase its taste options primarily based on hemp, as properly as flavor inspirations for snacks, confectionery and beverage goods. It will also showcase its innovations in sugar reduction.

New highs for hemp
A essential highlight at this year’s show is Bell Flavors’ new organic variety of hemp flavors and extracts that are developed according to the existing development of hemp-primarily based solution developments across all solution segments inside the F&ampB business. The variety, hence, is in-line with consumers’ expectations for clean label goods and their associations with hemp as a superfood, notes the firm. 

“The existing development of hemp-primarily based solution developments across all solution segments inside the international meals and beverage business and the buzz about cannabidiol (CBD) are probably to fuel solution innovations far beyond 2019,” Agneta Hoffmann, Teamleader Advertising and marketing Flavors at Bell Flavors tells FoodIngredientsFirst

“The current reputation of hemp can be attributed to consumers’ developing interest in following plant-primarily based and no cost-from diets,” she states. Additionally, hemp has gained higher significance due to its nutritional positive aspects. Hemp seeds are marketed as a superfood due to their higher omega three and six content material, along with extremely digestible protein comprised of all important amino acids. 

“Together with consumers’ aspirations for hemp as a superfood, its characteristic herbal and floral notes are also producing higher interest and lend a signature taste profile to a selection of applications. These consist of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, baked goods and confectionery goods, and even sauces, condiments and marinades,” Hoffmann explains. 

The use of hemp extracts additional underlines the “better-for-you” trend, even though also possessing a premium appeal. “Both hemp flavors and extracts will, hence, be observed in an rising selection of solution launches inside the upcoming year,” she affirms.

Bell Flavors will additional present a extensive portfolio of trend-inspired ideas for snack seasonings, prepared-to-drink tea, confectionery goods, as properly as other segments. These offerings are touted as delivering revolutionary concepts for expanding manufacturers’ solution portfolio and for creating effective market place goods.  

Naturaless and functional attributes coming to the fore
Bell will also concentrate on organic taste profiles for the category of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beer goods, demonstrating beer flavor profiles and hops extracts that provide genuine sensory qualities as properly as functional attributes. 

“With the continual evolution of consumers’ aspiration for well being and properly-getting, functionality and naturalness have grow to be essential qualities when deciding on a solution,” Hoffmann notes. “People are conscious of what they consume and what added well being positive aspects they can incorporate into their every day diets – or, on the other side, what components they need to steer clear of in order to reside healthier.”

“Future possibilities for meals and beverages will mostly come from the plant-primarily based region. Primarily based on a massive market place dynamic for option proteins on a international scale, not only meat options will see a respective development, but also dairy-no cost white goods,” she explains.  

Speaking about the meat no cost movement, it is evident that buyers want to reduce down on meat, but do not want to compromise on fantastic taste, Hoffmann muses. “Indulgence plays a important function, fueling the will need for flavor innovation as properly as genuine, organic taste qualities, such as roasted meat and other culinary meat profiles,” she continues. “At the exact same time, flavor innovation will probably come from combinations of several herbs and spices or regional spice mixes to provide an fascinating, but craveable taste knowledge for younger buyers.”

Additionally, Bell Flavors will also target the mixture of organic components and culinary taste profiles to provide convincing options for savory solution developments. With its variety of organic beef flavors, Bell caters to the developing market place requires for beef-flavored solution varieties in the EMEA area and also demonstrates its competency in producing iconic meat profiles. 

Click to EnlargeSugar reduction 
Bell Flavors strongly focuses on solution options that respond to evolving customer requires. Hence, the firm will also present its most recent solution developments for sugar reduction by demonstrating its “REDsugar” portfolio.

The variety of organic flavors is especially aimed to provide a taste answer for sugar reduction in beverages, dairy applications, ice cream, bakery goods and sauces. It has been developed to assist retain essential sensory qualities inside the several applications and highlight the sweetness, even though delivering a constructive effect on mouthfeel and texture perception. The selection of organic flavors focuses on clean label solution developments and contributes to a lower of the sugar content material by at least 30 %, based on the application. 

By Elizabeth Green

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