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If you are smoking the finest strains of cannabis, do not dilute the delicate flavors by working with a dirty pipe. The freshest-tasting smoke comes from clean glassware. Do not know how to clean your bowl? This guide gives 3 simple procedures to have your pieces squeaky clean in no time!

Classic Techniques to Clean your Glass Bowl

There are 3 simple procedures to clean a glass bowl or pipe. With just a handful of simple actions and things discovered about the home, your pieces will appear like they’re new once again. 

What you will want:

  • Meals storage container with safe lid: Make certain it is 1 you are not specifically attached to, as it will take on sticky resin and odor just after you use it. It requires to be water-tight to avert leaking and significant adequate to match the piece you want to clean. This is a good way to reuse plastic takeout containers, so save them up the subsequent time you order in!
  • Pipe Cleaner: As the name suggests, a superior pipe cleaner is the best tool to hold your glass clean and clear of obstruction. You can obtain cotton, viscose, or nylon pipe cleaners at tobacco shops, hardware retailers, or on-line. Even craft pipe cleaners operate in a pinch! 
  • Rag or Paper Towels: Do not use your good linens as this course of action will stain them.


  • Cotton Swabs
  • Rubber Gloves

Hot Water Approach

This is by far the least expensive way to clean your bowl, which tends to make it good for every day upkeep. All you have to do is heat water in a pot or tea kettle to just beneath boiling. Spot 1 piece of glass at a time in your meals storage container, cover with hot water and close the lid tightly. Permit to soak for a handful of minutes to soften the residue, then use oven mitts to swirl the water all through the piece, loosening any stuck-on grime. Cautiously dump out the water and repeat this course of action a handful of instances, if essential. Dry off your piece and finish by working with a pipe cleaner or cotton swab on the tough-to-attain locations. This technique operates greatest as an all-all-natural way to clean a lightly-soiled glass bowl or piece.

Alcohol and Salt Approach

A lot of cannabis customers favor this technique for its ease and effectiveness. It is greatest to use 99% isopropyl alcohol(rubbing alcohol), but a much less concentrated remedy will operate. If you cannot obtain something else, vodka does the trick as effectively! This technique is specifically successful mainly because salt does not dissolve in alcohol the way it does in water. You can use any sort of salt, but a coarser wide variety like kosher salt acts as a good agitator to eliminate challenging residue. The actions in this course of action are really related to these in the boiling water technique:

  1. Spot 1 piece of glass in the container at a time.
  2. Add a handful of tablespoons of salt and adequate alcohol to largely cover the piece.
  3. Safe the lid tightly.
  4. Gently but completely swish the salt and alcohol remedy about to attain all locations of the piece. For additional heavily soiled pieces, enable to soak for an hour or even overnight.
  5. Eliminate the glass from the remedy and dry with your rag. Dip your pipe cleaner or cotton swab in alcohol and use it to attain the locations with stuck-on residue.
  6. Rinse your piece Completely with water to avert inhaling fumes the subsequent time you smoke.

Cleaning tip: If cleaning several bowls, you can use the identical alcohol and salt remedy till it becomes as well dirty to see by means of, then dump it out and commence more than!

Industrial Cleaning Goods

If you are hunting for the comfort of a prepared-created alternative to clean your bowl, there are a quantity of merchandise on the market place. Whilst other procedures give a reduce price tag tag, these possibilities are typically quicker and need much less work. We’ve compiled a handful of recommendations right here, but do your investigation and study the critiques to obtain the greatest alternative for you.

  • Formula 420: A hugely-rated and preferred alternative to clean your bowl, Formula 420 is the most reasonably priced line of merchandise we have listed right here. It is successful mainly because of its sturdy solvents combined with a gritty medium to scrape off stubborn gunk. This corporation also gives an all-all-natural formula and 1 for every day use.
  • Grunge Off: If you want a additional all-natural remedy with lots of added worth, Grunge Off checks all the appropriate boxes. It is biodegradable, utilizes no alcohol or abrasives, and it is reusable. It is in a greater price tag variety than other pipe cleaning options, but you may perhaps obtain the advantages outweigh the price.
  • Bongfresh Cleaning Kit: According to Bongfresh, this is “the most full Waterpipe Cleaning Method on the market place to date.” The kit utilizes a one of a kind Magnetic Tiki Cleaning Tool which adjusts to 3 sizes to access tough-to-attain locations. It also comes with cleaning brushes, scrubbing pads, and a plant-derived cleaning remedy with only seven components.

Rewards of Cleaning your bowl:

Much better tasting smoke: Burnt, tar-like plant residue can leave a nasty taste in your mouth. This ashy, stale flavor can get in the way of detecting the delicate tasting notes in your smoke. Generally treat your flower like a fine wine—only take pleasure in it out of clean glass.

Your bowl will not stink: Cleaning your bowl frequently removes the residue that causes your glass to give off that burnt, skunky smell. This enables for additional discreet storage and pleasurable smoking expertise.

Preserve microorganisms at bay: A dirty bowl is a best spot for fungi and bacteria to develop. The sticky resin tends to make an perfect surface for these microorganisms to multiply. Cleaning your bowl is specifically significant for the duration of cold and flu season, as effectively, if you program on sharing with close friends. 

It is significant to hold your bowls and water pipes clean for your overall health and for the high quality of your smoking expertise. How typically need to you clean your bowls? We propose each other day for normal smokers. If you only bring your piece out each so typically, clean it just after every use.  Regardless of whether you use 1 of these homemade procedures or a industrial cleaning solution, take pleasure in the advantages of fresher, superior-tasting smoke and odorless, pristine glass.