Hawaiian Punch is a childhood staple, that is served at every soccer game and school function. The Hawaiian Punch marijuana strain is the adult version, served up at social get-togethers. A bit of this strain can bring some child-like excitement to tedious adult functions, such as work parties, or the dreaded family get together with uncle Bob.

The tropical flavors of this Sativa hybrid, perk up the body, and the THC content measures in at 21%. Your mind will be saying aloha after a small dose of this potent strain, and a little bit goes a long way. Those sensitive to THC should consume this accordingly, or they might get punched out to the middle of the Hawaiian ocean, lost on the boat of S.S confusion.

Who Makes The Hawaiian Punch Marijuana Strain?

Sagarmatha Seeds is the company responsible for giving humans the Hawaiian Punch marijuana strain. They grow new strains, due to their vast genetic knowledge. Thanks to this genetic pool, Sagarmatha can cultivate new strains that are enjoyed worldwide. All of their strains are grown indoors, and they have over 20 years of cannabis growing experience under their belt.

A warning to those who wish to grow and purchase seeds from Sagarmatha, the seeds are limited, and inconsistent. Look online, periodically, so you can get your hands on some seeds. Growers can always buy them when they are available, and then grow them later, when it is a more convenient time.

Parent Strains

Who are the parent strains responsible for creating the Hawaiian Punch strain? The answer to this is a bit of a mystery, however, it is assumed that Hawaiian Sativa landrace strains were used in the process.

Hawaiian Sativa Landrace

Landrace strains that come from Hawaii are some of the best on the market. There is something special about the soil in Hawaii, and it really radiates out whenever someone tries a Hawaiian Sativa Landrace strain. Landrace strains are grown from mother earth herself, and aren’t altered by humans, or their growing practices in any way. Landrace strains, are essentially cannabis, that is grown the way the earth intended it to be grown.

Typically, the aroma of Hawaiian strains, are sweet and spicy. The THC content, makes it ideal to use this strain, in the morning, afternoon, or early night-time hours. A clear head high, means users can use this as a wake and bake strain, before work during the week.


The high levels of THC found in this Sativa hybrid, means users can expect a rush of euphoria, followed by an overwhelming sense of happiness, that makes people feel like they are floating on cloud nine. Hawaiian Punch really punches people in the face with its effects, and was named so accordingly.

The thing that is so different about this strain, is that while it will punch you with effects instantly, it leaves users shocked at how gradually effects will continue to be felt, over the entire high time. It isn’t one that slowly rises, and gradually wears off. The high will be felt, in the head, before it is felt throughout the body.

In more significant amounts, a psychedelic experience will happen, but many reviewers say it is always a positive experience. First-time psychedelic users might feel the high is too much to handle, but over time, people tend to get used to it, and actually prefer the feeling to getting drunk, or feeling buzzed.


Happy, may be an over-used term in the sense of describing things in general, but there really isn’t a better way to explain it. Everyone can relate to feeling happy, and everyone wants to be satisfied. Often, users will feel happy, not just for at the first hit, but for the entirety of the high. Even after the high as worn down, users have commented that their overall spirits were still light.


Those who are looking for a marijuana strain to help boost creativity, will enjoy the Hawaiian Punch strain. The high from this strain takes people on a creative journey, that is accompanied by a clear head high. The THC content in this strain will allow creative people to tap into parts of their brain, that will inspire them in a way they haven’t felt before. Using this in a new headspace, can dust the cobwebs off for those who may be experiencing writer’s block.

The THC can also distort the senses, which can benefit those who like to paint or draw. Having your touch feel a bit off, can create a new painting technique, that becomes integral to your painting style.


Hawaiian Punch helps people take a step back, and take a deep breath. They view problems in a new light, which makes them feel relaxed and hopeful. Things that seemed daunting, no longer appear as heavy, or big, after the Hawaiian Punch strain.

Since this is a hybrid, users will additionally feel relaxed in the body. No worries to those who have to get work done, this strain won’t leave you rendered useless. Couchlock won’t ensue, and users will still be able to get their work and errands done.


Do you ever wish you could get the hyper feeling, like from a shot of espresso, without having to consume the caffeine intake? Well, you can, and it will taste a bit fruitier. Hawaiian Punch marijuana will give users a burst of energy, that can be paired with physical activities, and can be consumed before any type of workout.

This strain is great for busy moms, who have to tackle working, and taking care of the kids. Moms always feel like they are getting pulled into a million different directions, and they often neglect themselves. This doesn’t have to be the case if moms pair a bit of the Hawaiian Punch strain with their activities.  It may just give them that needed push, to get to the gym and workout. If moms don’t take care of themselves, it’s going to be hard to take care of the family.

Much like moms, dads, or any individual with a heavy workload, can use this strain to get them to the gym, instead of binge-watching shows on the couch.

Recreational Uses

Those who are active and social, will love using this strain recreationally. A high-energy, clear-headed buzz will accompany any type of recreational activity.

Since you will feel buzzed from head to toe, this isn’t a great strain to pair with lazy activities, because you will feel to antsy and want to get up.


Parties, of any type, will pair well with the Hawaiian Punch marijuana strain. Some people might find their mind turning into a bit of a mind-race, that will then turn into clear and precise thoughts over time. This can be useful for coming up with new topics to talk about, or expanding on ideas of topics that always get brought up.


Sports-related activities can all be amped up with the Hawaiian Punch strain. Whether you are watching sports, or participating in them, this strain can amplify the overall experience.

Pairs Well With:

  • Surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Golf
  • Baseball
  • Work

Ever wake up on a Monday morning and just don’t know how you will get out of bed. Starting the morning routine on the first day of the week can muster up all the energy you have inside you. Hawaiian Punch can be the tropical push you need to a light fire under your feet. It will not only get you up and out the door, but it can help you to be more productive at work.

Using a bit of this at work, can also help you come up with new creative concepts, or ideas, that can eventually trickle into transcending your position in the workplace. New ideas, new accomplishments, new raise, new position.

Medical Uses

While the Hawaiian Punch marijuana strain is typically thought of as a recreational strain, some also enjoy using it as a therapeutic strain.

Therapeutically, it shouldn’t be used at night-time, or it will keep consumers up. This can negatively impact the illness, or disorder, you are trying to fight in the first place.


Those with attention deficit disorders can significantly benefit from a mind-altering cannabis strain. Hawaiian Punch can focus peoples thoughts into a consistent pattern, and give scattered thoughts a clear, organized path. Can be great for kids who struggle to make it through a school day, and will typically take a small dose of this in the form of oils, or topicals.


Ironically, the first place you will feel the strain start to work will be in the head. This means it is an instant pain killer for those who suffer from headaches, or migraines. It won’t cure the actual reason for the headache or migraine, and if you get them frequently, you might want to consult with a doctor.


Typically, people grab an Indica marijuana strain when they want to help treat nausea symptoms, however, users shouldn’t overlook this strain. Many customer reviews say the Hawaiian Punch strain works great for getting rid of nausea-related symptoms.

Cancer patients use this throughout their chemo-radiation periods to help them tame down the chemo side-effects. The anti-inflammatory properties of this strain, are great at calming down stomach tension.

Depression and Anxiety

Those who suffer from depression and anxiety find a much-needed release, after consuming this strain. Their dark surroundings become brighter.

When people pair this strain with meditation practices, their overall spirit can be elevated tenfold, and can prove to be more beneficial than when one method is solely used.

Negative Effects

Those who are prone to paranoia should not use the Hawaiian Punch Strain because it can cause users to panic, and feel over-anxious.

Dry and red eyes can affect a user quickly, but can be remedied with some eye drops. Make sure the eye drop bottle says it can help cure red and dry eyes, otherwise, you might just be fixing one problem, and creating another.

Cottonmouth, or as some people know it as dry mouth, can often be cured with a little water.

A few people have stated this strain makes them feel dizzy, and reports have always said that some people get the spins. The best thing to do when this happens, is to drink a bit of sugar with water, a trick that many workers at dispensaries will let you know.


If you were to walk into a dark room, after a bit of the Hawaiian Punch strain has been smoked, you would guess that the Hawaiian punch drink was being filtered through an air purifier. This strain matches the drink exactly, and the overall aroma is tropical, sweet, berry, and a little bit of mango.

When ground down, a slight lemon smell, with a bit of tang, can be detected in the air. A bit of spice may also be noticed, underneath all the tropical overtones.

Smoking this strain is pleasant for users, and the smoke is smooth from start to finish. Hints of tropics and pineapple are left on the tongue of those who wish to smoke, or vape this strain. A pipe is the suggested smoking method, so consumers can fully taste and enjoy the Hawaiian Punch flavors.


The nuggets found on this plant are a deep, dark forest green, that are covered in dense trichomes. Yellow-brown pistils are a stand-out feature compared to the traditional orange ones, that are typically found on nuggets.


As previously discussed, the seeds of the Hawaiian Punch strain are a bit hard to come by. If you browse the web, you might be able to find some available for purchase, and the underground market may sell them, however, you can’t tell if they are 100% Hawaiian Punch, or just a similar strain.

A growers best bet is to obtain clippings from a plant, and grow the strain as a genetically perfect clone. Indoor or outdoor growing is acceptable for this strain, and users just need to make sure the plant is kept in a warm and semi-humid climate.

Because this plant comes from selective breeding, the genetics of the strain are almost perfect, and hold one of the highest quality standards.

How Long does the Hawaiian Punch Strain Take to Grow?

Growing time for this strain is about 8 to 9 weeks, which is on the shorter end.

Outdoor Growing

Due to its genetics, this strain produces better yields when grown outdoors.

Indoor Growing

Indoor growing should only be attempted by those who have ample room. Since this is a Sativa dominant strain, the plant is going to grow tall, upwards of 6 feet in height. Trimming and pruning are both practices that should be practiced by growers, in order for this plant to grow to its full potential.

A yield of about .2 ounces of flower per square foot of grown plants, is what growers should expect.

Similar Strains

If you are looking to cultivate this strain, but can’t find seeds, you might be interested in growing similar strains.

Knowing similar strains can also be helpful when you go to buy cannabis, and want to stay within strains that are all comparable.

Similar strains include:

  • Maui Wowie
  • French Toast
  • Golden Gage
  • Neville’s Haze
  • Catfish
  • The Cough
  • Monkey Thunder
  • Chocolate Meringue
  • Irish Cream
  • Purple Nepal
  • Albert Walker
  • Hippie Crippler
  • Blueberry Headband
  • Mammoth
  • Nerds
  • Grease Monkey
  • Jamaican
  • Thai

Most popularly found in California and Washington.


Ever wish you could talk to someone who has personally smoked a strain before you buy it? Well, if you have friends who use a lot of cannabis, you can most likely ask them, but a second option is to read online reviews.

Take a peek at some first-hand reviews below to gain a better insight into what you can expect from this strain.

  • One of my favorite strains I’ve tried to date. A single hit of this strain via a bong brings on instant relaxation.
  • This is one super bomb Sativa. Smell and taste are absolutely amazing, and they really hold true to their name.
  • Flowers to this strain have a different look and feel. Personally, I think the buds and flowers are bigger and larger than most strains. I’ve read reviews and saw some people have said this strain is dank, but I don’t find that to be true at all.
  • This strain lives up to a typical Sativa high and actually makes me feel more energetic and alert in small doses.
    Super happy, I’m high as I’m reading this. Can’t stop smiling.
  • I would recommend this strain to anyone facing pain in any emotional or physical way. It is like a trip to Hawaii, and it is pleasant from the scent to the feeling.
  • Don’t be fooled by this strains fruity smell and inviting buds, this strain will knock you on your butt. It’ll punch you once and then it’ll punch you again.

Final Thoughts

If you are in search of a fruity Sativa strain, with some THC that will punch you in the face, then get up and go get yourself some of this Hawaiian Punch strain.

This wake and bake strain will get you up, and out the door, with so much energy you will want to run, instead of walk.

Don’t underestimate this strain, even if you smoke moderately, this can still surprise even the most seasoned marijuana users. A trippy high can sneak up on the consumer, and put a real dent in a person’s senses.


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