Say Hallo to the Dutch Hawaiian marijuana strain that is a Sativa dominant hybrid. Coming in at a 70/30 Sativa Indica split, this strain is sure to give you a significant head high. The THC content in this strain comes in at 28%, which is one of the highest to date. With the THC being so high, this isn’t a strain new cannabis users want to mess with. 

With an aroma of tropical, floral, and sweet, this strain is sure to bring all of those around it into a sense of being on vacation. The cerebral bliss will make the consumer feel like they are out flying on a wave in the middle of the ocean. 

Dutch Hawaiian is a social marijuana that is best enjoyed with the company around you. While there is a large amount of THC in small doses, this strain can leave you with a clear head high, which helps you stay focused. 

Who Cultivated the Dutch Hawaiian Marijuana Strain?

Top Shelf Seeds, hailing out of Seattle, are the ones to thank for this Dutch Hawaiian marijuana strain. One of the newer seed companies, Top Shelf Seeds has been around since 2012, but go out of their way to produce some of the best hybrids on the market. 

They pride themselves on using only the rarest seeds, and provide discrete worldwide shipping, so people around the world can grow their very own. 


Dutch Hawaiian is made from crossing Dutch Treat and Hawaiian Sativa, and was named so in honor of them. If you are curious about the parent strains, we will briefly go over them. 

Dutch Treat

This is a strain that is well known around Amsterdam Coffee Shops. Sweet fruit, pine, and eucalyptus are the aromas emitted from this strain. Feelings of relaxation and euphoria leave users in a pleasant mood, which is ideal for fighting stress and depression. 

Hawaiian Sativa

Tropical, sweet, and an odd scent of tobacco, are tasted with this Sativa strain. A rush of energy and a burst of fulfillment can turn anyone’s bad day around. It is recommended for those who have stress and inflammation issues. 


Even when the Dutch Hawaiian strain is smoked, it will take a while for the effects to kick in. Once they are felt, hold on, because it will be one wild ride. THC that is as high as 28% will give users a twist in their senses, but it will be in a sharply focused way. Colors will be more intense to the eyes, and tastes will be elevated, making you feel like you’ve never tried food, that in fact, you have had 100 times before. Sounds can seem louder or a bit off, giving you a trippy feeling overall. All of these senses are simply sharpened and makes the person feel things more intensely. 

Couchlock is not encountered, and users have reported using this strain during the morning or afternoon. Your body will have a deep feeling of calm, without making you want to sit on your butt all day. 

Users can use this first thing in the morning, to get them up and ready for the day at hand. Not a strain that should be used at night, or it may keep the consumer up, causing them to be drowsy the next day. Hawaiian Dutch is potent and very long-lasting, which surprises even the most seasoned users. 


Those looking for a strain to enhance their creative projects can pair them with Hawaiian Dutch. Amplified senses put a new spin on old projects which can give them a second life. 

Sometimes people create something the first time that seems to be only 70% done, and a strain such as the Dutch Hawaiian can be the thing to develop these incomplete projects to 100%.


Chalk it up to the aroma or the THC, either way, this strain leaves all of those who come across feel giddy. A permanent smile will be plastered on their consumers face, and your abs will hurt the next day from laughing bouts. 


Dutch Hawaiian is excellent at giving users the ability to have a conversation without thinking twice. The dreaded water cooler talk just got a whole lot better, when a bit of this is used on break. 

Recreational Uses 

As we have already stated, Dutch Hawaiian is excellent for any type of social event. It elevates the overall mood of all users, and it can be a fun activity for friends to share in together. 

Using this at concerts can make the overall experience feel unforgettable, and your grass seats will feel like you are front row by feeling vibrations in an amplified way. 

Those who are sore from working out, but still need to get their second gym session in, can use this to give them some pain relief. The same people can also use this strain as a form of post-workout.

Medical Effects 

Dutch Hawaiian gives well-balanced effects, which make it superb for patients looking to use it in a therapeutic manner. The best part about this strain, as it relates to medical purposes, is its potency that will last all throughout the day. 

Can Help Those Looking for Relief From:

  • Insomnia
  • Appetite loss 
  • Chemo
  • PMS
  • Fatigue 


The Dutch Hawaiian marijuana strain creates a sharp focus for people and therefore will help those with ailments that make it hard for them to focus. It helps the mind have a clear and straight path, so thoughts can work efficiently. 

Those who have a scatterbrain can use this strain to help them concentrate on things. This can help with work, chores, and simple conversations with those around you. People who are labeled as “spacey” often can’t control this, and Dutch Hawaiian brings them back down to the ground, instead of having thoughts scattered all throughout space.  

Minor Aches and Pains

A mild body buzz will leave users in a place to combat minor aches and pains. If you ever need a pain remedy for headaches, workout pains, cold or flu symptoms, then this strain is something you should seek out. 

Medical Consumption

A big thing to keep in mind, is consuming Dutch Hawaiian in the correct way, to treat the ailment at hand. If you are trying to treat muscle aches or pains, then a topical lotion might be best. 

Those who are looking for internal healing properties should consume this strain via oils or edibles. You can add oils to any drink or food of your choice, which is both convenient and tasty. 

Since Dutch Hawaiian has no CBD in it, you might want to par the strain with a CBD only product, so you can get the best of both worlds therapeutically. 

Aroma and Taste 

Tell your nose and your tongue to pack their bags, because it’s going on a trip to Hawaii. Scents of floral, sweet, and tropical flavors will instantly remind you of vacation. 

This is one of those cannabis strains that tastes precisely how it smells. Sweet citrus flavors will be left on the user’s tongue, making them instantly want to reach for more. The buds burn smooth, and the smoke matches, which is suitable for those who don’t want a coughing fit. 

With an aroma so pleasing, your marijuana consumption won’t bother those around you, and it can be an excellent strain for those who like to smoke indoors. People living in small apartments can use this worry-free, and your neighbors will be asking you where you got your new air freshener from. 

The aroma is also ideal for those who try to keep their car smoke free. If you’re in a pinch and need to take a quick hit you can do so without leaving behind a skunky, or potent scent trail. 


Top Shelf Elite has seeds of Dutch Hawaiian available, and they will send them in discrete packages; however, reviewers have stated that it’s hard for at-home growers to purchase. If you are in a pinch, and really want to grow this at home, then it is suggested you grow clones of it from clippings. 

Those wanting to grow identical clones should make sure they get their clippings from a 100% healthy plant. 

As any marijuana plant, this strain can be grown indoors or outdoors. 


Those wishing to grow outdoors should make sure they do so in a warm, sunny Mediterranean like climate. Growing time is on the shorter end and only takes about 8-9 weeks until it is ready for harvest. Harvesting should be done around the end of September, possibly into October. 

A yield of about 18 ounces of square bud per meter is to be expected. 


Indoor growing can be an excellent option for those who are newer to cultivating, because the plant is resistant to moisture, mold, mildew, and temperature variations. Keep in mind that it is a Sativa dominant strain, so the plant will grow tall in height. 

As always, you will get a little less bud indoors, and growers can expect about 14 ounces. 


Flowers are medium in size and are spade-like in size. The buds are a tiny bit ragged and fluffy. They are green with yellow, and orange pistils run throughout. White trichomes will give a white glance, like the white one would see from sun bouncing off the bright white Hawaiian sand. 

Similar Strains 

If you are a fan of sweet or tropical marijuana strains, then you might want to look into these similar strains. 

  • Hardcore OG
  • Aspen OG
  • Hawaiian Punch
  • Carmel Cough 
  • Anunnaki
  • Northern Cross 
  • Chocolate Sap
  • Tropical Tang
  • Loud Dream
  • Hawaiian Snow
  • Black Mamba
  • Paris OG
  • Gravity
  • Pineapple Express 
  • Cherry Cookies
  • Jamaican Lion
  • Project Blue Book

Adverse Effects

People who are sensitive to THC should be careful when consuming this strain for the first time. You don’t want to try this for the first time out in public, and then get a sense of overload to the point where you have to leave, and go home. Start small and build your way up. 

Dry eyes and dry mouth can leave you feeling like the desert, praying from some rain. Have some water and conditioning eye drops on hand to quench the thirst. 


We live in the day and age, where we spend hours reading reviews before we decide to pull the plug and purchase stuff. Marijuana strains are no different, so let’s see what users have commented about this strain. 

  • One of the tastiest strains I have ever tasted, and I would take it over my use to be favorite Blue Dream. This strain is delicious in every sense of the way one could hope, and I even like how the ash smells. 
  • One of the more versatile strains out there. I taste the citrus up front, and for whatever reason, I additionally taste chocolate scents throughout. 
  • This is the first and probably only review I will ever leave on a marijuana strain. I suffer from PTSD and have really bad social anxiety, like the type that forces me to stay inside for days on end. After a bit of this strain, I am able to go outside and even venture out to get coffee from the coffee shop. I also feel confident in having a small conversation while I wait for my latte to come up. 
  • This strain has a sweet taste, fruity and smooth, but I still don’t think I would give it a 10/10 but more like an 8/10. 
  • I purchased this a few times to make sure it was as good as my taste buds thought. After the third purchase, I can confidently say this is the best sweet weed brand on the market. 

Final Thoughts 

Consumers looking for a social marijuana strain are going to flip over the Dutch Hawaiian strain. With high levels of THC, those looking for a bit of a trip, will find it here. 

A focused and energized high means this can be used before work, or events where clear thinking is needed. With minimal side effects, new and veteran users can share a joint of this together. 


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