Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker on Friday maintained the statewide retail ban on the sale of all vaping items just after securing approval from the Public Wellness Council for an emergency regulation, but at the exact same time, a neighborhood judge permitted healthcare cannabis individuals to obtain crushed flower for use in vaporizers.

The emergency regulation, to be filed Monday, keeps the vape ban in spot even though also producing a 3-month timeline for rulemaking and setting up public hearings.

Baker, a Republican, final month announced a statewide ban on the sale of marijuana and tobacco vaping items in response to lung illnesses and deaths attributed to the use of e-cigarette items.

The move produced Massachusetts the first state to ban the sale of all items of that kind, a key economic setback to the state’s marijuana retailers, processors and vaporizer makers.

Meanwhile, the judge in a case challenging Baker’s short-term ban ordered the resumption of the sale of crushed marijuana flower for vaping just after hearing testimony from healthcare marijuana individuals and advocates.

Suffolk Superior Court Judge Douglas Wilkins wrote in an order issued Thursday that creating ground cannabis flower offered to individuals would cut down exposure to oils and additives from vape items.

The order permits MMJ patients to legally obtain “crushed flower.”

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