Let’s speak about trust. I serve as the vice-chair of the Commerce &amp Gaming Committee in the Washington State Residence of Representatives. This is the committee that critiques the laws with regards to the legal sale and distribution of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis in our state and in the end in our communities. We supply oversight to the Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB), which is the state agency that regulates the sale and distribution of alcohol and cannabis.

I serve on this committee as an financial developer who knows the income these industries bring in supporting education, human solutions, and neighborhood investments, but also as a mom who desires to make confident our little ones are ready to make wise choices about the impacts these substances have on their overall health and properly-becoming.

I have a front-row seat to the efforts of the federal and state governments in regulating a item that voters of this state chose to make legal. Just as I trusted the voters to determine whether or not I would serve, I trust them to make the choices ideal for them and their households.

In 2012, voters of this state passed Initiative 502. Fifty-3 % of Federal Way voters authorized the measure.

In 2015, 61% of the citizens of Federal Way then voted to exclude the city from licensed retailers.

The planet has changed a lot in the 4 to six years considering that the voters authorized legalized cannabis and the residents of Federal Way voted to ban it.

We have a substantially stronger state enforcement agency. Do we trust the LCB to enforce the law?

Do we trust our council and code enforcement officers to enforce the law via suitable permitting to assure the overall health, security and welfare of the public?

Do we trust our little ones to make wise possibilities when presented with the suitable info?

At the finish of the day, the arguments for and against permitting licensed cannabis retailers inside our city limits is about trust.

Just as I trust the nearby police to enforce the law regardingalcohol consumption, tobacco use or the misuse of prescription medication just as I trust the LCB to regulate alcohol and tobacco licensing, and just as I trust the city to permit these establishments beneath the rule of law, so as well, do I trust that permitting a legal substance that is properly regulated by the federal and state governments and additional regulated via the permitting course of action at the nearby level, can be appropriately integrated into the fabric of our neighborhood with our little ones, equal access and income generation in thoughts.

Kristine Reeves is a state representative of the 30th Legislative District.