Place merely, Arizonans must vote to legalize adult-use (recreational) marijuana by means of the 2020 Clever &amp Protected Arizona Act ballot initiative due to the fact it will legalize marijuana. All other elements of the initiative are primarily irrelevant due to the fact the most significant point, by far, is that marijuana gets legalized.

If the initiative fails, marijuana possession and use will stay a felony in Arizona (unless you are a valid health-related marijuana patient).

Ask your self: Do I want marijuana to be legal in Arizona? If yes, then vote yes, and overlook about the “small print” in the initiative (i.e., who gets to develop or sell marijuana, exactly where marijuana can be consumed, and so on) and concentrate only on the most significant aspect: it will legalize recreational marijuana use in Arizona. Period.

Arizonans want to unite, assistance and vote for the Clever &amp Protected Arizona Act due to the fact, if they do not, they will see a further failed try at marijuana legalization, just like in 2016, which will retain marijuana possession and use a felony in the state.

Unite and vote “yes” in 2020.