As the legalization of marijuana sweeps across the United States, the challenge of driving below the influence presents itself as a key sticking point in states taking into consideration totally legal weed.

A Northern California-primarily based enterprise could have the answer. Hound Labs has created a transportable breathalyzer that is in a position to detect the presence of each alcohol and THC in the blood.

The enterprise also claims its solution, the very first of its type, can detect THC levels ingested by means of edibles.

According to the company’s site, after the breath samples from the driver have been collected, the device’s cartridge is transferred to a transportable processor that screens the samples for alcohol and THC.

“Within a couple of minutes, the final results for each alcohol and THC are displayed. If preferred, the cartridge can be saved so the second sample can be analyzed in the future,” Hound Labs say.

The chief executive and co-founder of Hound Labs, Mike Lynn, is also an emergency medicine doctor and has worked with researchers from the University of California at Berkeley and San Francisco on the Hound Marijuana Breathalyzer.

“It’s about developing a balance of public security and fairness. I’ve observed the tragedies resulting from impaired driving up close. And I have a great notion how difficult it is at the roadside to know regardless of whether an individual smoked pot not too long ago. But I think if an individual is not stoned, they shouldn’t be arrested,” Lynn told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Lynn expects the device to be prepared by the second half of subsequent year.

Hound Labs not too long ago raised $30 million in its Series D round of funding led by Intrinsic Capital Partners.

“With industrial production of its marijuana breathalyzer currently underway, Hound Labs is optimally positioned to meet the pent-up demand for the only tool that measures current marijuana use without having identifying an individual who legally consumed marijuana the prior evening or final weekend,” Howard Goodwin, a companion at Intrinsic Capital Partners, stated on the occasion.

The effects of the legalization of recreational marijuana on road security is an emerging challenge as an rising quantity of states move to enable it. A single survey released earlier this year recommended that half of marijuana customers in the US contemplate driving even though higher to be protected.

The study carried out by PSB Study and Buzzfeed News identified that 48% of cannabis customers really feel protected behind the wheel even though below the influence of weed, even though 46% disagreed.

Even though study on the dangers of driving even though higher is restricted, federal government researchers at The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) cite numerous papers on their site that point to the perilous partnership in between driving and marijuana use.

“Marijuana substantially impairs judgment, motor coordination, and reaction time, and research have identified a direct partnership in between blood THC concentration and impaired driving capacity,” according to NIDA.