A lot of cannabis shoppers favor to smoke out of glass pieces, like pipes, bongs and dab rigs, since several think that working with glass pieces enhances flavor and delivers the cleanest smoking knowledge, particularly if you clean your glass consistently. In the previous couple of years, cannabis glass, following on the heels of cannabis glass artist and trailblazer Bob Snodgrass, have turn into their personal distinct art types, and some are sold in galleries for a really higher price tag.

Fortunately, you do not have to have a million dollars to invest in a trustworthy and eye-catching glass piece. You can undoubtedly obtain a inventive but sturdy piece for much less than $50, although you could invest in a pipe from a nearby head shop for about ten bucks. Nevertheless, you will possibly want to commit a couple of additional dollars to make certain that you obtain a pipe produced of thick borosilicate glass. This will defend the flavor of your bud, be produced of significantly greater high quality material, and will be significantly tougher to break.

Glass bongs

Glass pieces give the cleanest smoking knowledge to shoppers. photo credit

Speaking of breaking, when it is time to transport your glass, safeguarding your valuable obtain ought to be treated the exact same as any other fragile item you would pack with care. Right here are a couple of recommendations and tricks for transporting glass. 


Invest in a Pelican Case


Even although this is not the least expensive way to transport glass, it is undoubtedly the safest approach. Just location your glass in the case and challenge solved! Pelican circumstances can accommodate glass of all sizes, and have really affordable costs, particularly for smaller sized circumstances.  

An added advantage of working with a Pelican Case is its eco-friendliness. The business, which performs regularly with technologies organizations to ship computer systems and other electronics, located that shipping supplies like cardboard make much more than 24 million tons of waste in the U.S. alone.

The Pelican creates significantly much less waste and reduces the will need for tape and other bric-a-brac applied for packing (that also create waste). And of course, it can be reused and even re-purposed a number of instances. 


Attempt a Dime Bag


No, not that dime bag. This Dime Bag. These multi-objective padded pouches are environmentally-friendly and have smell-proof inserts. As an added bonus, the pouch’s exterior material is produced of hemp blended material, and comes in several colors and sizes.


DIY Circumstances for Glass


If you determine to pass on the Pelican Case or Dime Bag, you will have to turn to a do-it-your self approach to transport your glass, but you will will need a couple of much more supplies: a box, packing paper (newspaper can perform effectively, as well, but watch out for smudges), bubble wrap, scissors, and packing tape. To maintain all of your glass secure, particularly if it has separate components, you will want to wrap each and every of them individually:


Recommendations for DIY Cannabis Glass Transport



  1. Bubble wrap your whole piece so that no glass is displaying
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  3. Subsequent, add packing paper about the bubble wrap layer
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  5. Location packing paper (or old towels, newspaper, or even paper towels) in the box
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  7. Very carefully location your glass inside the box
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  9. Cover with much more packaging material, be certain to fill the interior of any openings if necessary
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  11. Safe the box with tape
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The target right here is to make certain your glass piece is good and snug in its container. There are several techniques to achieve this, so play about with it to obtain the approach that performs very best for you. Or, if you want a constant approach for glass transport, go with a single of the brands pointed out above! If you are truly in a pinch and want to forego packing accouterments altogether, you could constantly wrap your glass in clothes, or place your pipes in clean socks – even though we do not propose these solutions if other possibilities are out there. Pleased packing!

How do you transport your glass pieces? Share your recommendations and tricks with other readers in the comments beneath.

Photo Credit: MIKI Yoshihito (license)