Homelessness and Cannabis: Is there a correlation?

I lately stumbled on the ravings of a prohibitionist ideologue who claims that cannabis has “unseen costs” related with legalization. Even though these days I’m not going to be destroying his views on cannabis and the irrationalities of his statements there was a single component I’d like to concentrate on – Homelessness.


As I regularly study the business, trends, perspectives, sciences, study and innovation within  the cannabis niche, I run into my fair share of “counter-arguments” to legalization. Most of them, are pretty quick to dispute – having said that, when it comes to homelessness, the issue is far much more nuanced than a straightforward “If X then Y”.


Cannabis and the Homeless


I was very first produced conscious of this a handful of years back exactly where the “rising homeless population” hit the streets of Denver a roughly at the very same time of recreational legalization. Post-legalization, there was an raise of homelessness in the city of Denver.


Critics of cannabis will appear at this and say, “Cannabis causes a larger price of homelessness”, having said that, they would be incorrect. In Denver, roughly at the very same time of cannabis legalization, there have been particular laws passed that made much more social advantage for homeless individuals to be there. Items like government help would be less difficult and the city was focused on generating it much more humane for these who do not have a household.


As a outcome, lots of homeless individuals immigrated to Denver to receive these positive aspects. Cannabis in fact had extremely small to do with the surge of homelessness and in some circumstances, have facilitated the suggests to aid homeless individuals locate their footing.


It is not also tough to comprehend that if a City creates initiatives to help the homeless, that some individuals would want to take advantage of these initiatives – even if they are out-of-state.


Nevertheless, this complete premise nonetheless considers cannabis and homelessness inside the very same concept. We want to separate these two to be capable to totally address the predicament.


My Time Walking with the Homeless


In 2012, I went on a six-month tour of distinct locations in the United States. I didn’t have a lot of funds and employed my Van (old Scooby Doo variety thang) as my base of operations – in other words, I slept in my van.


I was fortunate to locate a spot in Santa Monica, CA, exactly where I had a parking spot a handful of streets away from the Promenade. How I got that spot? I’m a seriously very good guitar player, and a single of my songs inspired a particular person to give me permission to park and use their apartment for showers and cooking meals. Nevertheless, that is apart from the point.


Throughout my keep in this pristine place, I had a special viewpoint on the fantastic wealth divide in the region. You see, Santa Monica has lots of millionaires and a handful of billionaires living in the region. I would regularly see $250,000 automobiles drive up and down the streets.


But, stroll a handful of blocks, beyond the Santa Monica Pier, and you attain Venice. In Venice, there are parking lots of RVs, and hordes of homeless living there. This is exactly where I generally purchased my weed simply because Venice has so lots of spots to get very good weed from.


Nonetheless, spending time with the “people of the street”, I started understanding that homelessness is far much more complicated than just “people are also lazy to get a job!”


Some of the key motives why individuals go homeless


The very first factor we want to address is “Mental Illness”. I personally think this is a single of the major motivators for individuals landing on the streets. A Very good portion of the homeless individuals I met have been bat-shit-crazy.


I would regularly see individuals ranting and raving to themselves, yelling at absolutely nothing. I would see young individuals walking totally out of sync with reality, unable to make sense of the pseudo-psychotic state they have been in.


With completely no help from the government, and the troubles in attempting to get help, these individuals are forced to roam the streets – judged by these who pass by.


An additional cause is “A Series of Catastrophic Events”. We all think that “we’ve got our shit beneath control”. But, I met lots of individuals who also had their “shit beneath control”, but a series of catastrophic events sooner or later pushed them to the streets.


“I lost my company simply because a companion embezzled funds from me, then, my wife ran off with him and I broke my shin inside the span of a handful of weeks. Not capable to stroll, and with no security net, I was forced to sell almost everything and sooner or later couldn’t hold up…now I’m here”


This is not an actual account, having said that, I heard lots of comparable stories. People today who have been on major, then a drastic factor occurred, which spiraled them towards the streets.


It is quick for individuals who have funds to say, “I wouldn’t do that!” but you have to comprehend that no one does “what’s worst for them”. People today often attempt to make the ideal of a predicament, and occasionally, a series of unfortunate events – can knock you down and will not let you to stand up. This is particularly correct for these who do not have a healthier social circle.


The point right here, is that it is not “Cannabis” that tends to make individuals homeless, that issue is intrinsically connected with the lack of empathy from society. “Pick oneself up” is a popular slogan, having said that, when you are broken – you may well want a bit of aid.


To resolve homelessness, we want to address the basic principles of society. We shouldn’t appear for individuals to blame, but rather options. The Cannabis business, in some situations, dedicate a portion of the earned income to assisting these individuals. This may well attract much more homeless individuals, but it is also providing some individuals the chance to lift themselves out of a dire predicament – and that is a very good factor!