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Right here we verify out and evaluation a Gold Leaf cartridge, especially the Mag Landrace Gold Leaf Reserve operating up a total of 88.084% THC,  Mag Landrace is an Iranian Landrace bred by Ataraxia and cultivated in Illinois. These sorts of strains are uncommon to come across. This strain is  100% Indica. Gold Leaf is making use of pure distillate cannabis oil with no additives. General this turned out to be a fantastic prime shelf THC vape cartridge.


  • Clean higher
  • Quite potent
  • Passed lab tests
  • It is absolutely trustworthy


Suggestions: A less costly choice would be good, but that could possibly not be doable exactly where we got this in Illinois.

Good clear oil on the Gold Leaf cart.
It makes use of official CCELL hardware, especially the TH2 variant. This implies you will get a extremely constant hit. There’s nothing at all particular about the packaging, it just contains the security stickers and labels on it. The label does say that it passed more than the test.

The list of Landrace strains is much more frequent than individuals consider Acapulco Gold, Hindu Kush, Panama Red, Pure Afghan, and the list goes on. Generally, these are wild strains that have been cultivated all through the years and was kept in its all-natural atmosphere. The strain on this cart is heavy Indica, leaving a soothing and relaxing higher like no other.

Gold Leaf has superior good quality oil to most other carts

Gold Leaf cart out of the box
The stand is good given that consume keeps your oil flowing to the bottom.


No disappointment what so ever. The colour of the oil even appears extremely incredible. This uncut distillate packs a powerful hit for just about every puff. Also, a correct dosage can be determined by how several hits obtained by the cartridge, dividing total hits by mg. So 100 hits imply five mg per hit. But that is only what the package says, the potency is worth the value.

Taste is pure

gold leaf vape
Nug run distillate tends to make for far better flavor as opposed to trim run like Choose Elite.


This organic solution has a extremely pure taste and has no reintroduced terps like some of these street brand cartridges. A extremely earthy and herbal flavor to it, just as described. There are no harsh feelings given that it is organic. Quite powerful in odor as nicely, it smells just as it tastes. Savory powerful herb flavor nothing at all uncommon but a bit of a spicy taste to it, as it is a Landrace strain it tastes pure and organic.

Intense but relaxing higher

GoldLeaf oil cartridge

A extremely powerful physique and thoughts higher hits you so swiftly proper just after the initial puff you take. Immediately acquiring you higher, acquiring a heavy-set feeling to the head initial and then a mellow physique higher. Undoubtedly a tension reliever and somewhat of a difficulty solver, given that after medicated a lot of worries disappear.

Wouldn’t advise if you are hunting for a dog walker higher, this Indica will leave you also relaxed. But also discomfort-relieving and anxiousness killing. Beneath the influence, all that is felt is pure euphoric blissful headspace.

Concluding our Gold Leaf cart review…

GoldLeaf out of the box

Getting powered by Jupiter Cell and making use of incredible good quality oil tends to make for a ideal mixture. Cartridges like these are worth the value paid, delivering immediate tension relief. Classic Indica certainly hits the prime shelf and generating this cart a 10/10.

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Gold Leaf

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