When New Jersey lawmakers debated earlier this year whether or not to legalize recreational use of marijuana, the Garden State’s police organizations had been adamantly against it.

The cops mentioned that legal weed could lead to an explosion in the numbers of impaired drivers operating below the influence. And the police would be caught flatfooted attempting to inform whether or not drivers they pulled more than had been higher or not.

“With alcohol, if you have more than .08% in your blood, there’s the presumption that you are intoxicated,” said Christopher Leusner, head of the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police.

“There hasn’t been a blood test or a breath test that can decide if you are impaired by marijuana.”

It is a breathalyzer device created by Hound Labs in Northern California. It is transportable and can run tests for each alcohol and marijuana. It just may perhaps alter the minds of lots of of these reluctant police officers, such as in Pennsylvania as lawmakers take into account quite a few proposals to legalize recreational marijuana use.

Intrinsic Capital Partners, a Philadelphia development equity fund, is so convinced of a “potential huge market” for the device that it led a $30 million Series D financing round to bring it to industry in 2020. [Read more at The Philadelphia Inquirer]

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