On the announcement of the ACT (Australian Capital Territory’s) thriving vote to introduce legislation legalizing the possession of modest amounts of cannabis and enabling men and women to develop two plants we initially had a flurry of some rather ill-informed and unpleasant comments by govt ministers. We’ve now moved onto the threatening political letter stage. As usually, democracy is fine till the vote does not go your way.

“I have severe issues the ACT’s legislation will outcome in additional well being harms and exacerbate mental well being troubles, especially for these who have a household history of mental well being problems,” 


The Australian Broadcasting corporation reports

A row is brewing among the ACT and Federal Government more than controversial moves to legalise cannabis in Canberra from early subsequent year.

Essential points:

  • Possessing, expanding and smoking cannabis will be legal in the ACT from early subsequent year
  • The Federal Government is unhappy with the legislation, questioning it on many fronts
  • Wellness Minister Greg Hunt desires to see what proof the ACT regarded as just before the legislation was passed

Federal Wellness Minister Greg Hunt has penned a letter to ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr, calling on him to create any proof he regarded as just before supporting the legislation, concerning the well being impacts of cannabis.

The ACT Government final month passed legislation legalising possessing, smoking and expanding modest amounts of cannabis from early subsequent year.

Adults can possess up to 50 grams of dry cannabis and develop two plants.

The passage of the laws appeared to take a lot of inside the Federal Government by surprise, and prompted a powerful response, with some senior Government ministers labelling it “crazy” and suggesting the ACT Government was spending “too substantially time smoking hooch”.

Mr Hunt wrote to Mr Barr this week detailing his issues about the prospective well being impacts of the legislation, and querying how his Government came to assistance the private members bill.

Supply:  https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-13/federal-government-desires-to-see-proof-on-cannabis/11597666