September 25, 2019

Several geographical jurisdictions have or will be developing regulations that allow the use of Cannabis and Cannabis associated compounds to be introduced as components or as concentrates into foods, beverages or organic overall health merchandise.  These regulations will merge with current meals regulations to build the framework of making certain secure and excellent merchandise getting sold into commerce.  The provide chains, ultimate purchaser and retailers of these merchandise will differ as will the contractual agreements involving the numerous parties.  Commonplace amongst these contracts is the requirement to be certified to a meals security regular.   Retailers, suppliers, and foodservice firms are supporting this strategy as are some regulatory authorities.  The SQF Meals Security Codes that are GFSI benchmarked can be applied but will eventually be dependant on the scope of the certification on the varieties of merchandise and processes at the web-site or place that is getting certified.

Do not miss the session at the 2019 SQF Conference on Thursday, November 7th at 8am to hear a panel of authorities in the Cannabis/CBD space:

  • Go over the numerous business sectors exactly where THC and CBD can be introduced
  • The suitable requirements/sectors or codes to apply
  • Regulatory oversite and the needs in distinctive geographic regions and
  • What firms and web sites want to know about possible hazards and handle measures to apply.

The panel of authorities are:
Frank Schreurs, Regional Representative, Canada &amp NW U.S.A., Secure Good quality Meals Institute
Dejan Spasic, SQF Auditor – Director FSQ, dicentra Worldwide Certifications
James Keyes, Cannabis Q/A, Khiron
Rafael Bombonato, Corporate Good quality Handle Manager, Curaleaf
Tyler Williams, Vice President of Operations, ASI Meals Security

SQFI is building supplemental checklists, guidance and auditor criteria that will permit SQF certification for web sites increasing Cannabis for use in edibles or manufacturing of edibles containing Cannabis.  Presently, Cannabis that has been designated as typically recognized as secure (e.g. Hemp merchandise such as Hemp protein, Hemp Hearts and Hemp Seeds) can be certified.  When edibles with Cannabis are legal for production in Canada in October, SQFI will publish the supplemental supplies quickly immediately after that. Web pages that have obtained the suitable licensing from Well being Canada will be eligible for certification.  If you are in search of an assessment prior to licensing, we recommend you seek out some consultative solutions to do that.  Some of our licensed certification bodies could help in that manner and would have to make certain that sources utilised in a consultative manner do not full the certification.


Go to www.sqfconference.com for additional information and to register for the conference!