Paraguay will start accepting applications for the domestic production of cannabis for healthcare and study purposes subsequent month, according to an announcement produced final week by the country’s well being minister. Julio Mazzolini, the minister of public well being and social welfare, mentioned in a press conference in Asunción on Thursday that a resolution to establish the guidelines to apply for the country’s very first industrial cannabis production licenses had been authorized by the ministry.

Licenses for 5 vertically integrated cannabis cultivation and manufacturing operations will be accessible. The National Wellness Surveillance (Dirección Nacional de Vigilancia Sanitaria/DNVS) will accept applications for the 5 licenses from October 1 by means of 31. Applicants will be necessary to incorporate a certificate of superior manufacturing practices a program for cannabis cultivation, transportation, and safety and a separate program for exports, if applicable. The applicants that are awarded the licenses will be necessary to place them into use inside 24 months.

Arnaldo Giuzzio, the chief of Paraguay’s anti-drug agency (Secretaría Nacional Antidrogas/SENAD), told the press that licenses would only be accessible to operations positioned in the Central Division, the smallest but most populated of Paraguay’s 17 departments.

Health-related Cannabis Legalized in 2017

Paraguay legalized the healthcare use of cannabis in 2017 and a decree to regulate the national system was authorized the following year. Qualifying participants below the national system are assured no cost access to hemp oil and other cannabis derivatives.

Beneath the decree, licensed companies will be necessary to donate two% of their production to the Ministry of Wellness, a provision reiterated by Mazzolini at Thursday’s press conference. The ministry will distribute the goods to domestic individuals with a established scientific have to have no cost of charge.

Only individuals with a situation for which there is scientific proof that cannabis may possibly be a advantageous therapy will be eligible for the national system. The nature and quantity of necessary proof are not clear. So far, the use of healthcare cannabis has been authorized for the therapy of refractory seizures, epilepsy, Parkinson’s illness, and other qualifying discomfort circumstances.

Outdoors of the national system, a handful of individuals who have demonstrated an exceptional have to have have received authorization to import cannabis goods for healthcare purposes. One particular such patient is an adolescent with a uncommon type of extreme epilepsy identified as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Also final Thursday, Paraguay’s Senate authorized a bill that would permit the possession and property cultivation of healthcare cannabis for certified individuals and caregivers below particular circumstances. The bill have to also be authorized by the country’s Chamber of Deputies ahead of becoming law.