New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has jumped in with other politicians to demand a swiftly-enacted ban on flavored tobacco vaping solutions. His Sunday announcement came in the midst of a tiny-understood string of vaping-connected deaths by extreme lung illness, regardless of the truth that some of the dead had been recognized to have smoked cannabis solutions.

It would seem that the wellness crisis is dovetailing with issues about the increasing quantity of teen vapers to result in politicians to take a stand. Cuomo’s words comply with these of the 1st Couple. Right after Melania Trump tweeted her concern more than the “growing epidemic” of teen vaping final Monday, the president followed up on Wednesday with a press conference with Well being and Human Solutions Secretary Alex Azar. Flavored vapes would be topic to a great deal a lot more stringent regulatory specifications.

“We can not have our little ones be so impacted,” Trump stated. “That’s how the 1st Lady got involved. She’s got a son […] a wonderful young man, and she feels incredibly, incredibly strongly.” Barron Trump, who is also the president’s son, is 13 years old.

Cuomo’s concern was hardly restricted to young folks. “Vaping is hazardous,” he announced. “Period. No a single can say lengthy-term use of vaping — exactly where you are inhaling steam and chemical substances deep into your lungs — is healthier.”

The governor’s answer? That an emergency regulation banning flavored e-cigarettes straight away be issued by New York’s Public Well being and Well being Preparing Council.

New York state would not be the initial US jurisdiction to take such a step. San Francisco became the initial city in the nation to ban the sale of all e-cigarettes back in June. The city is house to major vape business Juul’s globe corporate headquarters, and the business has launched a ballot measure campaign to defeat the ban that could finish up becoming the most highly-priced ballot measure drive the city has ever noticed. This month, the state of Michigan also prohibited flavored e-cigs.

Such legislation could have a lot more momentum in the midst of the vaping wellness crisis, which a lot of have pegged to the use of thickening agents like Vitamin E acetate by largely unlicensed vape dealers. But it is unlikely to halt the six-death string of fatalities offered that a lot of of the deceased had been recognized to have been vaping cannabis solutions.

But politicians are right in their assertions that young folks are turning a lot more and a lot more to vaping solutions. Research show that a lot of teens favor to consume drugs by vaping. Vape solutions have the added bonus of becoming straightforward to smoke in a covert manner, without the need of leaving its customers stinking like tobacco—good for little ones hunting to consume their marijuana or tobacco on the sly.

Cuomo did give a single caveat to his proposed ban—menthol flavor solutions would not be impacted by the prohibition. He stated that is simply because menthol solutions aid folks to quit smoking normal cigarettes. Ironically, that is what specific vape item advocates say about the class of inhalants regardless of chosen flavor.

That logic didn’t fly with Harold Wimmer, president of the American Lung Association. “While today’s announcement was nicely-intentioned, it will drive our youth to use menthol-flavored solutions in even higher numbers,” he told the New York Occasions.