B.C. cannabis producer Evergreen Medical Supply recently had its licensed suspended by Health Canada. This is another addition to the list of licensed producers found to be non-compliant by Health Canada.

Evergreen was caught off-guard during a surprise inspection, which led to a label of non-compliance in August. This was a little under one month after medical and recreational producer CannTrust was also caught with a mounting number of violations – although their license has so far not been suspended.

In Evergreen’s case, however, Health Canada was rather swift to hand out its suspension, which was only recently posted on their website.

Based on the government’s findings as outlined by Marijuana Business Daily, Evergreen has a lot to fix.


“Critical Observations”


It is common practice for Health Canada to carry out inspections without prior notice. In this case, the inspection occurred on April 29th. After speaking with Health Canada, Marijuana Business Daily explains:


“The inspection resulted in ‘critical observations’ and an overall rating of noncompliance for infractions related to good production practices, record keeping, inventory control and adherence to license controls… “


This is quite a proverbial rap sheet, to say the least. Clearly, these violations affected some very critical areas that amount to much more than a few small oversights.


Protecting Public Health


Health Canada’s findings led to major concerns about the legitimacy of the product and its overall safety for consumption.

In an e-mail, Health Canada told Marijuana Business Daily:


“Health Canada suspended Evergreen Medicinal Supply Inc.’s licenses to protect public health and safety, including preventing cannabis from being diverted to the illegal market, as a result of noncompliance with certain provisions of the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations.”


Surprisingly, this is not Evergreen’s “first run-in” with Health Canada – or its second. In October and December of 2017, it was the subject of “major observations,” but was ultimately deemed compliant in both cases.

Health Canada’s role is more important than ever, as the number of licensed producers has quadrupled from 50 to over 200 in the span of only two years.



Not a Good Image for Legal Cannabis


While the number of compliant licensed growers and producers exceed non-compliant ones by leaps and bounds, this steady stream of citations is rather discouraging.

We simply cannot give these producers the benefit of the doubt. The sheer number of blatant, often easily fixable violations shows neglect at best and intent at worst.

Patterns like these are indicative of a deeper problem. Based on this trend it is safe to say that the companies targeted by Health Canada only represent violators who were caught. There is frankly no telling how many continue to cut corners.

Health Canada will continue to make examples of these companies, who only harm the market with their dishonesty. They said in a statement:


“This enforcement action reinforces the importance of Health Canada’s inspections of cannabis licence holders to identify non-compliance and to protect the integrity of Canada’s legal cannabis production system.”


WeedAdvisor’s Business Solutions Address Key Areas


Evergreen’s violations might have been avoidable with some tools and expertise to make operation easier.

Interestingly, WeedAdvisor’s diverse list of business solutions address all of the areas where Evergreen fell short. Tracking inventory, monitoring compliance, quality control, real-time data collection, reporting and more are all areas that our solutions address, handling them with accuracy and efficiency.

Going forward, the implementation of a system to improve these key areas will save millions in potential fines, missed productions and the loss of public trust.