The state marijuana sector didn’t like what it saw when it got its 1st appear at Maine’s new track-and-trace method Monday: hundreds and hundreds of 25-cent tags expected to catalog each and every plant’s path to pre-rolled joint, vape cartridge or infused candy.

“This will drive rates by way of the roof,” stated healthcare marijuana caregiver Dawson Julia of Unity. “It’s going to place a lot of men and women out of small business. It will make medicine so pricey that no one will be in a position to afford it. It will assure the survival of the black market place.”


5 hours later, lengthy just after most of the 300 shell-shocked growers, suppliers and retailers had left the track-and-trace kick-off occasion, the Workplace of Marijuana Policy issued a clarification. Person retail goods will not call for their personal track-and-trace tag just after all.

The price of the tag wasn’t the difficulty. Just after all, every person bar-coded label only charges a quarter. It was the sheer quantity of tags that would have been expected to move a plant by way of its whole life cycle, specifically for processed things, like vape cartridges or marijuana-infused baked goods. [Read more at Portland Press Herald]