Cherry Sherbet enthralls the senses with its tangy aroma.
Flavors of cherry make up its smoke and coat the palate, hinting at what is to
come. Upon consumption, it delivers an invigorating rush that wakes the thoughts
and physique from lethargy.

It could be utilised with good friends as a recreational primer. It
raises self-confidence and uplifts the mood, developing an outstanding disposition that
shines in the course of social events. 1 could also use it alone. It is a superior wake and
bake strain that offers customers that final further push prior to the day ends.

Its cerebral and physical buzz also functions nicely when it comes to managing specific overall health circumstances. For instance, 1 could use it to decrease anxiety, appease psychological distress, and relieve discomfort. As such, it holds considerable therapeutic worth to sufferers undergoing healthcare care.

Cherry Pie influenced its capacity to act speedy but final extended. Meanwhile, the elusive Sour Sherbet could be credited for its delighted higher and inventive power.

Our Cherry Sherbet Strain Overview

Data About Cherry Sherbet Strain:

ORIGIN Sour Sherbet and Cherry Pie
EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Content – 9
Uplifted – 9
Inventive – eight
Energetic – eight
FRAGRANCE Sweet, tangy, floral, herbal, citrus
FLAVORS Sweet, cherry, sour, citrus, floral, herbal
Dry eyes – five
Dizzy – 1
Anxious – 1
Paranoid – 1
Healthcare Insomnia – 10
Lack of appetite – eight
Strain – 7
Discomfort – 7
Depression – four
FLOWERING TIME Outside Late September to mid-October
THC Content material % 16% to 23%
CBD % Unknown
INDOOR YIELD 10 to 12 ounces per square meter
Outside YIELD 12 ounces or far more per plant
CLIMATE Cool climate
Development LEVEL Unknown
RESISTANCE TO Illness Unknown

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Cherry Sherbet’s
effects are fairly cerebral. Nonetheless, in contrast to most Sativas, its effects are not
as speedy as lightning. Its onset is a gentle rush of power bides its time
comparable to the slow-beginning Indica.

Cherry Sherbet Strain Effects
Cherry Sherbet Strain Effects – Image powered by leafly.com

As soon as in complete impact, a alter in disposition is quickly visible. Customers appear and really feel refreshed as worries dissipate and an innate sense of self-confidence reappears. The upbeat disposition, along with a mental clarity, inspires a inventive streak. Thoughts flow and type freely into suggestions.

At the comedown, the initially invigorating onset turns into a soothing sensation. It removes the tightness about the joints. No doubt, customers will really feel like a newly oiled machine. Despite the fact that intense, it does not settle in the limbs and lock customers to the couch. As an alternative, it supports one’s inventive endeavors by complementing it with a limber physique that could full light physical tasks.

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Cherry Sherbet has a sweet enthralling aroma with a tangy overtone. Combusting it reveals a blend of floral herbs and citrus.


Coating the tongue is a sweet cherry with a slight sourness that improves its all round profile. Blunting what otherwise may perhaps have been an overpowering citrus is a floral undertone that enriches the smoke. On the exhale, it leaves an herbal aftertaste.

Adverse reactions

1 can count on the usual dry spell that impacts the eyes and the mouth with Cherry Sherbet. Along with it is a tendency for greening out as nicely. The situation, which is characterized by dizziness, anxiousness, and paranoia, is typically brought on by overconsumption but one’s disposition could have an impact on it as well. Therefore, commence with low dosages and use only a moderate quantity.


Cherry Sherbet
supplies speedy relief against chronic anxiety which can snowball into larger
overall health difficulties if left unattended. It has a gentle clarifying higher that
eliminates worries along with mental and physical fatigue. As a outcome, customers
will really feel refreshed from the accumulated negativity.

Cherry Sherbet Strain Medical
Cherry Sherbet Strain Healthcare – Image powered by cannabis.wiki

Lengthy-sufferers of depression,
anxiousness, and PTSD will also obtain comfort in its effects. It turns days about
as it removes worries, instills a sense of calm, and improves the mood. Not
only that, the clarity aids sufferers with ADD/ADHD keep clear of distractions.

It has analgesic properties that appease many aches and pains regardless of its result in, supply, and intensity. It is especially powerful against gastrointestinal pains such as a lack of appetite and nausea. Its soothing effects appease turbulence in the stomach to increase the meals procedure as nicely as avert vomiting. As such, cancer sufferers undergoing chemotherapy will obtain comfort in its buds.

Folks with insomnia will advantage from Cherry Sherbet as nicely. It has sedating properties that bring on a drowsiness that not only lulls customers to bed early, but also increase the top quality and quantity of sleep. In this way, customers really feel reenergized for the subsequent day.


Cherry Sherbet
exhibits a predominantly Indica development profile. It is tiny, branchy, and
bushy. Its stalks are thick although its branches are hardy, enabling it to keep
upright regardless of the weight of its heavy buds. Its other crucial traits are its quick
flowering period as nicely as impressive resistance to prevalent pests and illnesses.

Cherry Sherbet Strain Growing
Cherry Sherbet Strain Increasing – Image powered by 420budexperts.com

Indoors, growers
have far more benefit as creating provisions for the plant is less complicated. 1 could
switch the lighting schedule then set up 600-watt light fixtures as soon as it has
completed two to 3 weeks of vegetation. Installing a ventilation program and
a fan to cast a light breeze will aid circulate air in the reduce nodes. This could
also be supplemented by pruning dead branches or leaves.

It thrives beneath the non-invasive Sea of Green setup which shortens the flowering period with out affecting yields. This strategy demands sowing 4 seeds in a single square meter then gently coaxing the most important colas, bringing every single toward the light. With regard feeding and nutrition, there is small have to have for deviation, but 1 could nevertheless add boosters that will help in bud production.

Outdoors, exposing it to a dry but sunny climate would be best. Nevertheless, it will thrive for growers in locations with balmy, rainy, and cold climate with out any notable damaging effects on its overall performance. On the contrary, it grows vigorously when it is beneath the sun.

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Flowering Time

It requires Cherry Sherbet among 7 to 9 weeks to flower indoors. Growers can count on among 120 and 12 ounces of buds at chop down.

In the northern hemisphere, Cherry Sherbet totally blossoms about the final week of September to the middle of October. At harvest, it yields up to 12 ounces of buds per plant.

Have you ever smoked or grown your personal Cherry Sherbet? Please let me know what you consider about this marijuana strain in the comments beneath.


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