The final week has been filled with media coverage concerning current illnesses connected with vaping. As we previously blogged about, in current weeks hundreds of illnesses and half a dozen deaths have been reported across the nation, with e-cigarette device usage becoming pointed to as the probably trigger.

Some of the situations involve buyers that have reported utilizing cannabis vape pen cartridges and some involve buyers that reported possessing only utilized nicotine-primarily based vaping solutions. Particular situations involve the dilutant additive vitamin E acetate and other individuals do not. A lot of unknowns nevertheless exist, and regulators are nevertheless searching into the matter.

The deaths and illnesses are tragic, and that can not be emphasized adequate. Calls have been developing for numerous days for lawmakers and regulators to do one thing. Regardless of if new laws and/or regulations are passed, the cannabis business wants to step up in this vital moment.

Members of the legal cannabis space have to have to be as transparent as feasible. It hasn’t been determined however irrespective of whether legal cannabis vaping solutions had been to blame for any of the illnesses, and hopefully legal cannabis solutions actually had absolutely nothing to do any of the situations.

Makers of cannabis solutions have to have to usually use top quality inputs, and usually make it incredibly simple for buyers to know what goes into solutions. The burden is not solely on the customer to know if one thing is damaging or not. The burden is also (and particularly) on cannabis item makers.

The tobacco business has been notorious for promoting solutions that they knew had been damaging. We are understanding the similar correct now about the opioid business. The cannabis business has to be superior and a lot more accountable than these two industries. If not, the business has clearly failed, regardless of how considerably revenue is in the end created.

We will all have to wait and see what policymakers and regulators do concerning vaping solutions. But in the meantime, the cannabis business wants to be proactive and strive to be fantastic stewards of the cannabis plant and movement.