Even knowledgeable tokers find out new strategies to smoke weed each and every day. Right here are just a couple of of the most preferred strategies to get cannabis into your lungs.

Have you ever smoked weed… on weed, man

Folks have been smoking cannabis for thousands of years, with some of the earliest recorded situations going back to the days of ancient Greece. According to the historian Herodotus, the Greeks had been introduced to weed by the nomadic Scythians, who most likely introduced the word “cannabis” to the Greeks, as nicely. The Scythians had been most likely the world’s very first hot-boxers, as they preferred to get lit by filling their chariots with smoke and riding about although they caught get in touch with highs.

Having your hands on a chariot and some educated horses may perhaps be a bit additional for the typical toker nowadays, even though. So, here’s a guide to some of the most preferred, existing-day smoking trends. But very first, a disclaimer.

Just before we dive in, note that there’s a distinction involving smoking weed and vaporizing it. Smoking refers to the combustion of buds due to heat, causing a chain reaction that burns the plant and produces smoke. Vaporizing, on the other hand, refers to heating the plant material just adequate to boil off its oils — in other words, the plant material does not burn. We’ll be focusing on smoking strategies right here, not vaporizing.

Pipes and Bongs of All Varieties

Probably the most preferred and easy way to get lit is with a pipe. Pipes come in all sorts of shapes, styles, and supplies. All of them, nonetheless, include the similar simple elements: a bowl to hold the weed, and a chamber that creates a short-term vacuum to inhale its smoke.

Pipes can variety from extremely simplistic, 1-hit affairs (e.g. a 1-hitter or chillum), to lavishly complicated, ornate water pipes (e.g. bongs) with bowls massive adequate to torch complete eighths in 1 fell puff. 


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Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs

The second most preferred way to smoke weed comes as “marijuana cigarettes” or “cannabis cigars.” Generally, the weed gets broken up then rolled into cigarette paper (a joint) or cigar paper (a blunt). Carrying about a joint is generally extra easy than carrying a pipe, even though joints/blunts make a stronger odor than pipes when puffing on them, due to the fact joints/blunts continue to burn involving turns (and although that 1 dude in the sesh circle goes off on conversational tangents). Some persons also look at joints/blunts as significantly less resourceful than pipes/bongs due to the quantity of weed burned up in the approach.

There are two sophisticated requires on the rolled-up-weed idea: spliffs and the illustrious Backwoods blunt. Spliffs are joints rolled with tobacco in Europe, spliffs are twisted by mixing tobacco and hashish alternatively of cannabis buds, and North American variants frequently employ waxes, shatters, sauces, or crumbles alternatively of buds. Backwoods blunts are no distinct than typical ol’ blunts, except they’re rolled with actual tobacco leaves rather than tobacco-primarily based paper, a approach that needs a bit of finesse. 


Solar Puffing

Solar puffing is the greener, extra sustainable way to smoke your green. Whereas most tokers will light a bowl with a lighter (or a match, if they’re the rugged cowboy varieties — or hippies attempting to stay away from inhaling lighter fluid), solar puffing relies totally on the energy of the sun.

To carry out a solar puff, take a magnifying glass and concentrate the sunlight into a white-hot point on the bowl. Just like scorching ants as a kid, you can ignite your pipe or bong bowls this way, also. And due to the fact there’s no fuel supply, you can usually solar puff so lengthy as you have got clear skies, and wind is no obstacle due to the fact there’s no flame. 


Aluminium Cans and Other DIY MacGyver-Styled Devices

Even though most tokers rely on pipes, joints, or blunts to smoke their weed, the only point actually limiting how we smoke is our imagination. Folks all through history have fashioned smoking devices from daily household objects like aluminum cans and 5-gallon water cooler jugs

Gallery — Cheers to the Art of Dabbing

Hot-Knifing, Dabbing, and Other Heated-Element Approaches

Just as there’s no correct limit to smoking weed by way of a tube — no matter whether that tube is created of glass, metal, plastic, or paper — there are other strategies to smoke weed without the need of a pipe or rolling sheet. For instance, hot-knifing, which was a precursor to today’s dabbing craze, is a approach for smoking hash that makes use of two pressed ends of red-hot butter knives. And although dabbing itself is technically a kind of vaporizing weed, when it is performed at greater temperatures, it does combust the dabbable hash, wax, or oil just like smoking does. 

Regardless of your favored way to blaze, there’s one thing for every person. And if smoking weed is not your point, you can usually consume it, drink it, or apply it topically alternatively.

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