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September 17, 2019

Toronto, Ontario, and Los Angeles, CaliforniaSeptember 16, 2019 – Nutritional Higher International Inc. (CSE: Consume, OTCQB: SPLIF) and Punch Edibles &amp Extracts are pleased to announce a distribution partnership, by means of Nutritional High’s wholly owned subsidiary, Calyx Brands (“Calyx”).

California-primarily based, Form six cannabis manufacturer Punch Edibles &amp Extracts is teaming up with Calyx, a distribution organization that actively solutions almost 600 California dispensaries, to merge sales efforts and expand distribution channels in Northern California for the award-winning manufacturer, efficient quickly. 

Punch is aspiring to drive new acquisitions and to deliver superior client service to all accounts. By providing expedited delivery for Northern California, the partnership will position Punch to have a much more seamless distribution all through the state. The partnership will also enable Punch to add an added sales group to assistance drive new acquisitions. 

“We are focused on widening our footprint all through California” mentioned Punch COO Michael Martinez. “With the cannabis business continuing to expand and alter at a fast pace, we require to make certain we are penetrating the market place and continuing to develop our brand presence. The purpose is to speedily turn out to be a single of the prime players of the cannabis business.” 

According to ArcView, cannabis edibles sales are anticipated to quadruple to $four.1B by 2022*.  

“We’re excited to represent Punch Edibles,” mentioned Dakota Sullivan, CEO of Calyx Brands. “Since the initially Punch Chocolate Bar was introduced in 2013, Punch Edibles has been amongst the highest high-quality, most constant and most inventive cannabis edibles makers. We appear forward to assisting quite a few much more customers across the state learn this flagship brand.”

*ArcView Analysis, April 2019 “The Tasty Future of Cannabis Edibles”


Booth B312, AND CALYX BRANDS, Booth B319



For much more data on Punch Edibles please pay a visit to www.punchedibles.com. Get in touch with Michael Martinez 323-902-7320  


About Nutritional Higher International Inc. 

Nutritional Higher is focused on establishing, manufacturing and distributing solutions beneath recognized brands in the cannabis solutions business, with a certain concentrate on edibles and oil extracts for healthcare and adult recreational use. The Corporation performs exclusively with licensed facilities in jurisdictions exactly where such activity is permitted and regulated by state law.

In California, the Corporation distributes solutions manufactured by other major producers by means of its wholly owned distributor Calyx Brands Inc. and is getting into the Nevada, Washington State and Canadian markets in the close to future.