British Columbia’s Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) has banned the promotion of cannabis in the province’s licensed establishments, including restaurants, bars and even events that have special permits, according to a Business in Vancouver report.

A policy directive announcing this guidance was sent to all LCRB staff, licensees, industry associations, local governments, First Nations and law enforcement, according to Business in Vancouver.

The new policy bans the promotion of cannabis by permit holders in the following areas: catering, food primary, liquor primary, manufacturer, licensed retail store, U-Brew and U-Vin, Wine Store and Wine Special Store.

Cannabis companies in Canada are already accustomed to strict packaging rules and a ban on advertising in locations where minors are present, meaning virtually no radio, television or newspaper ads, Business in Vancouver reported, and now advertising in public spaces such as bars is also forbidden under this new regulation.

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