A law firm representing quite a few consumers in the cannabis business is urging Weedmaps to set a date for its promised crackdown on unlicensed retailers marketing on the web page. Attorneys with the firm Zuber Lawler mentioned in a press release on Thursday that the move by Weedmaps will enable help California’s legal cannabis business and deal a blow to unlicensed operators.

“The selection by Weedmaps to cease carrying advertisements for unlicensed cannabis enterprises is a essential step for wiping out the black market place business that undercuts legal retailers that play by the guidelines,” mentioned Manny Medrano, a Zuber Lawler litigation companion. “It’s crucial to closely monitor this scenario due to the fact in spite of Weedmaps’ announcement, the firm supplies no precise date for creating the promised modifications.”

On Wednesday, Weedmaps announced that “beginning later this year” it will demand retail advertisers in the U.S. to offer a state license quantity on their listings on the cannabis details platform. Weedmaps CEO Chris Beals mentioned in a press release that will enable each buyers and legal cannabis enterprises.

“These enhancements to current safeguards on our platform will enable individuals and adult-use buyers locate cannabis retailers that have supplied proof of state licensure,” Beals mentioned. “It also underscores our commitment to functioning with lawmakers and regulators to foster a flourishing legal market place.”

Weedmaps Dodges Lawsuit

The announcement from Weedmaps followed months of complaints from licensed cannabis enterprises that they had been becoming harmed by Weedmaps’ inclusion of advertisements for unlicensed providers. In California, the Bureau of Cannabis Handle issued a cease and desist letter to Weedmaps more than its advertisements for unlicensed retailers in February 2018. The following month, Weedmaps replied that it would not comply with the order, citing protections beneath federal law.

Attorneys with Zuber Lawler say that they had been on the verge of filing a class-action lawsuit against Weedmaps when the firm announced it would quit carrying advertisements for unlicensed cannabis enterprise. The suit on behalf of licensed cannabis enterprises would have sought injunctive relief against Weedmaps beneath Calfornia’s Unfair Competitors Law, which prohibits false marketing and illegal enterprise practices, “in this case the marketing of unlicensed cannabis merchandise by way of Weedmaps’ many digital channels.”

Scott Benson, the CEO of Apex Extractions, a licensed cannabis concentrates manufacturer, told Higher Occasions in an e mail that the selection by Weedmaps is a good improvement for the business.

“We are thrilled to see that Weedmaps is placing their help behind cannabis entrepreneurs who adhere to crucial business laws on a every day basis,” mentioned Benson. “This is a lengthy-overdue move for Weedmaps and we hope that other providers will stick to suit due to the fact it will advantage every person in the legal cannabis ecosystem.”

Weedmaps to Assistance Social Equity Entrepreneurs

Weedmaps also announced on Wednesday that it was launching a system to enable social equity entrepreneurs apply for and safe licenses to operate in the legal cannabis business. The system will offer minority enterprise owners, who normally face challenges securing licensing and capital, tools to enable them navigate the regulatory approach.

“For also lengthy, unjust laws and regulations have crippled tiny-enterprise owners who want to make an sincere living and offer secure, legal cannabis merchandise to health-related individuals and adult use buyers,” mentioned Beals. “We hope to give a leg up to entrepreneurs that require and deserve help.”