Additional Investigation Proves Cannabis Does not Kill Your Brain Cells

In Truth, It Saves Your Brain Cells


For decades now, prohibitionists loved to spread the myth that cannabis can kill your brain cells. It tends to make you stupid, so they say.


But that is all there is to it. It is practically nothing much more than a myth.


And if you need to have proof as to why, there’s lots of research out there.

The most recent study was carried out by Dr. Ajeet Sodhi, a neurologist from California. He was in a position to prove that cannabis is secure and useful for treating mental overall health problems and can essentially guard the brain. “In the quick term, consumption of cannabis can essentially have clear healthcare advantages in terms of depression, anxiousness, discomfort, PTSD, and nausea linked with chemotherapy,” he tells TheGrowthOp.


Cannabidiol, the plant’s non-psychoactive compound renowned for treating a wide array of circumstances, has also been shown to be neuroprotective. “New research displaying that the CBD compounds also have neuroprotective effects, and have been shown to be useful for many neurologic problems such as epilepsy and several sclerosis,” says Dr. Sodhi.


He also clarifies that cannabis does not essentially kill brain cells just since it gets you stoned.


“Getting higher is not synonymous with killing brain cells. The higher is an altered state made by the THC, a mild hallucinogen,” Dr. Sodhi stated. “Neither THC nor cannabis ‘kills’ brain cells in the regular sense, so there’s actually no need to have to quantify harm to the brain.”


He adds that when persons consume higher doses of cannabis, no matter whether it is ingested or inhaled, will undoubtedly outcome in a much more intense higher but this does not imply that the brain is exposed to larger levels of neurotoxicity.


It suggests practically nothing much more than the reality that you are just actually higher.


Cannabis Protects The Brain From The #1 Result in Of Mental Overall health Issues


When you look at pretty much all chronic ailments recognized to man, it has turn out to be clear that tension is the #1 silent killer.  Continual exposure to tension can effortlessly bring about your brain and mental overall health to go haywire.


In reality, research show that tension has the capability to modify the way your brain functions. So more than time, becoming frequently stressed out can make you even much more prone to anxiousness and depression. But cannabis has been shown to be such a effective tension reliever, which also is the exact same as saying that it does guard the brain.


A 2012 study in the healthcare journal Nyeorpyschopharmacology revealed that cannabinoids in the plant can guard the brain from problems brought on by tension. Even though scientists are nonetheless searching for approaches to clarify how cannabis does this, the study did show that THC doses have been useful in enhancing quick-term memory as nicely as a person’s understanding capacity.


Most adults have no selection but to deal with tension, but research such as this are valuable for healthcare experts who want to much better have an understanding of remedy for excessive tension.


Intriguing Study On Twins


Back in 2016, a fascinating study of the subject carried out by researchers from Duke University involved identical twins.


Science tells us that identical twins are fundamentally genetic clones of one particular a different. The pair have been studied for 10 years one particular of them was a pot smoker when the other did not. They discovered that when their neurocognitive functioning was studied, there have been no variations discovered amongst them, in particular for the twin who was toking up for a decade.


“This is a pretty nicely-carried out study… and a welcome addition to the literature,” says psychopharmacologist Valerie Curran of the University College London. Curran and her colleagues discovered “broadly the exact same conclusions” in other nontwin research of more than two,000 British teens.


Cannabis Kills Cancerous Brain Cells

The occurrence of brain cancer is frequently uncommon, but it is surely one particular of the most terrifying experiences to occur to any individual. But the great news is that cannabis has been shown to shrink brain tumors.


A study carried out by Spanish researchers revealed than when mice who have been produced to have human tumors have been offered THC, their tumors shrank significantly. They also took into consideration two human subjects who have been diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer, and discovered that right after 26 and 30 days of remedy with THC, it was productive sufficient in killing the cancer cells when permitting healthful brain tissue intact.