By Matt Leathers

Cannabis business watchers assume that when the giants start out moving aggressively,the alterations will be seismic. Private equity and venture capital are moving into the space, along with internal M&A teams. Smaller sized providers will require to develop and scale without losing their concentrate on good quality.

As the regulatory fog dissipates and the green gold rush attracts corporate players, only the resilient will scale, survive, and thrive. Make no error. There will be blood. Amazon. CVS. Target. Men and women generally confuse media coverage or age with resilience, specifically when it comes to a business enterprise. But age has tiny to do with resilience or accomplishment.


Years ago, I worked for a top monetary solutions provider. Our mobile payments resolution had iOS and Android apps readily available. Corporate IT produced us carry BlackBerries to access our corporate e mail.

Trade show demonstrations had to be very carefully orchestrated to sustain our cover as trustworthy innovators. Startups ran circles about us as we have been adapting to regulatory alterations and evolving requirements when creating new items and clashing with corporate compliance mandates.


This stress to innovate, develop, and simultaneously operate, with out losing good quality, will be familiar for the cannabis business. This fall, I served as the interim CIO for a single of the world’s biggest publicly traded cannabis firms.

Through this time, I saw familiar patterns, challenges, and options from projects previous of entities in other industries prepping for a liquidity occasion. When we began the engagement, we identified that previous acquisitions applied distinctive systems and technologies footprints. IT outages hurt the business enterprise. Projects have been underperforming. Our network and infrastructure have been unreliable. Technologies would either allow business enterprise development or drag it down, kicking and screaming. five months later, the job remains unfinished, but the transformation is nicely underway. [Read More @ The Cannabis Diaries]