The initial time I heard the band, Flogging Molly, was at a Warped Tour in 2002. I’d under no circumstances even heard of the band and was only in the crowd due to the fact it seemed like an straightforward way to hide away from the fuzz so my pals and I could share a joint. As the crowd thickened about us, we sparked our doobie and passed it about, finishing just in time for the Celtic punk band to hit the stage. Our highs settled in just as the music began, providing way to an unforgettable musical practical experience.

I’m big fan of Flogging Molly to this day – and a big fan of Mary Jane, also – but it was the mixture of music and cannabis that definitely stuck in my thoughts. Maybe it was the way the weed heightened my senses or the way it relaxed my mood probably due to the fact it soothed my aching muscle tissues or due to the fact I produced some good pals in my small stoner circle, but what ever it was, a single factor was particular: marijuana and music festivals produced an amazing combo.

Why Marijuana and Music Festivals Make a Good Pair

I’m not the only a single who loves to bring cannabis to concerts. No matter the genre, there is virtually usually going to be a person who will sneak some weed into a music festival or venue, and for fantastic cause – marijuana tends to make music a lot more enjoyable.

Even though there’s small study about why cannabis tends to make music so substantially greater, there are numerous theories about that may possibly assistance clarify it. For instance, some recommend that it is cannabis’ impact on the nucleus accumbens, or the pleasure center of the brain. Interaction with this brain area tends to evoke stronger feelings and make music perception a lot more pleasurable. A further theory suggests that its THC’s impact on quick-term memory that tends to make music sound so substantially greater. According to this theory, when a listener can not “remember” what sounds come subsequent, he or she is thrust into the “now,” generating every single subsequent note an fascinating surprise.

Music Festival
Cannabis and music go with each other like peanut butter and jelly. photo credit

But science aside, there are numerous other motives to really like the way cannabis and concerts go nicely with each other. Most notably, cannabis is a substantially safer option to alcohol which generally serves as a catalyst to fantastic concert groove. When a person opts for bud more than booze in a concert setting, they will have a lot more endurance all through the show (which is in particular critical for day- or weekend-lengthy festivals) and can stay clear of the port-a-potty lines for longer periods, as nicely. A further cause to bring Mary Jane to a music festival (and probably my favourite cause) is the amazing pals you can make when you light a joint in the crowd. No matter whether you are flying solo or hanging with pals, the smell of a freshly sparked joint is a positive way to make some new stoner pals, also.

Music Festivals in 420 Friendly States

Cannabis consumption may possibly be legal in some states but consuming publicly is a further challenge all with each other. Even though there are a handful of cannabis-friendly venues right here and there, the majority of concerts and festivals keep a no ganja policy (note that venues that do enable cannabis restrict alcohol). Of course, just due to the fact it is illegal does not imply it does not take place. There are nevertheless approaches to get cannabis into a concert or music festival, and there are approaches to smoke it without the need of finding caught. For instance, you can bring joints into concerts by tucking them in your footwear (or a bra, ladies), or stuffing a handful of into a cigarette pack. Vape pens (disposables if you hit the pit) are a further good way to discretely smoke weed at a show.

And then there are edibles: an all-time favourite for an all-day festival. Edibles are good due to the fact you can consume them prior to getting into the venue so you do not have to be concerned about sneaking something in or becoming forced to trash it if you get caught. Edibles are difficult, even though, and can have effective (and at times uncomfortable) effects, in particular when consuming also higher of a dose. As usually, commence low till you comprehend your best dose bearing in thoughts that you can usually consume a lot more but you cannot consume much less. In the occasion of overconsumption, remain calm, drink a lot of water, and chill out in a shady spot although waiting for it to pass.

Cannabis has been attending music festivals considering the fact that music festivals had been invented. No matter whether accompanying celebrations in Ancient Japan, consumed in the hippie atmosphere of Woodstock ’69, or utilized to improve the practical experience of contemporary music festivals, cannabis has usually belonged in the music scene.

Do you have any ideas for smoking cannabis at concerts? Share them in the comments under!

Photo Credit: Hanny Naibaho (license)

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