Wana Brands will continue their partnership with Flavie Dokken to promote the health benefits of cannabis.

Wana Brands, one of America’s leading edible producers, is continuing its partnership with ultra-marathon runner Flavie Dokken. The Colorado-based endurance athlete utilizes the health benefits of cannabis as a natural alternative for recovery and pain relief among the athletic community and beyond.

“Having already utilized cannabis for recovery and pain relief before becoming a Wana Brand Athlete, I am thrilled to continue our relationship for a second year,” Dokken said. “Being a Wana ambassador has been immensely rewarding. I want to educate more people on how cannabis can improve the quality of their workout. It has certainly helped me be a better athlete.”

A former bodybuilder and a U.S. Army Veteran, Dokken’s many competitive accomplishments include completing multiple marathons and ultramarathons such as placing 3 in the Running Up For Air (RUFA) – Colorado on March 9 after running up and down Granite Peak for three hours and three loops for a total 2,700 foot gain and 9.3 miles. Additionally, Dokken came in 4th out of 110 runners in the Mad Moose Pueblo Half Marathon in February (pictured), which she completed in under 1 hour and 35 minutes.