Manufacturers and distributors wishing to market alcohol products with hemp derivatives, even those allowable under the law, they first need to submit a laboratory analysis of the ingredients therein to be sure they don’t contain any controlled substances barred for such purposes.

The agency has been engaged in ongoing consultation with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration on the issue as needed. L.A. CBD lawyers caution anyone selling these products to consult with an attorney first, most especially if sales are occurring across state lines.

CBD Lawyers Note Food and Drink Product Marketing Continues

Despite these rules, our L.A. CBD lawyers note that dispensaries, restaurants and other retailers continue to market food and drink items with CBD. At this point, we haven’t noticed any significant uptick in CBD enforcement action in California. However, CBS reported in February that states like New York, Maine, Ohio and North Carolina are committing to hard-line action against CBD products that fail to meet the letter of the law.

As far as federal CBD enforcement action is concerned, the FDA has indicated it is prioritizing its resources to target companies that make unfounded or exaggerated claims regarding the health gains of CBD products.

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