EU registered hemp seeds from Hempoint

maker Elixinol has been granted Processor Research Partner
Authorization by the New York (U.S.) Department of Agriculture and
Markets, which is actively supporting hemp initiatives up and down
the value chain.

are excited to continue to scale our production and efficiency, and
support the state of New York’s economy while doing so,” said
Gabriel Ettenson, President and Co-Founder of Elixinol.

Research focus

The authorization lets Elixinol carry out research that advances the promotion of safe, quality assured hemp extract and hemp-derived CBD products that are manufactured, tested, and labeled under U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations for dietary supplements.

guidelines of the Research Partner program, Elixinol is to file an
annual report summarizing the results of its research into the sale,
distribution, transportation and processing of hemp and products
derived from hemp.

State supports hemp

Elixinol took advantage of a short window Dec. 4-28, 2019 to submit its application for the authorization. New York last year started allowing the processing and manufacture of hemp extract and hemp-derived CBD products under its state program.

stakeholders in New York are taking advantage of an enlightened
and supportive
the crop by state officials. The state last year earmarked $650,000
for a $3.2 million hemp processing plant near Binghamton in the south
central part of the state, and set aside $2 million in last year’s
budget for a state-run hemp seed certification program. The state in
2017 established a $5 million industrial hemp processing grant
program for qualified projects related to hemp production.