Try one of these new and unique ways to help your pre-rolls stand out in the market.

As the cannabis industry matures, prices have fallen and competition has increased. It’s more and more important to have a strong brand and a quality product if you want to make it through nation-wide legalization. When it comes to pre-rolls, it’s hard to differentiate. One-gram pre rolls were the industry standard at the start and now we have all sorts of sizes and shapes for pre-rolls. Pre-roll multi-packs have grown in popularity and so have infused pre-rolls. If you are looking to enter the pre-roll market or want to expand your pre-roll line – try one or more of these new and unique pre-roll concepts!

1. Hemp wrap blunt cone

When it comes to rolling up something to smoke, you’ve got two options – a joint or a blunt. However, when cannabis first went legal, the only pre-rolls available were joints. It is against the law to mix cannabis and tobacco, so you can’t have traditional blunts; however, there are no hemp wrap blunts. Pre-rolled hemp wrap blunt cones are designed to fit in all standard knockboxes, so you can instantly add a new SKU to your pre-roll line! Hemp wrap blunt cones are made from all-natural hemp, which creates a super slow burn and adds a full flavor to you flower.

2. Spiral Tip Pre-Rolled Cones

Every pre-roll you buy is going to have pretty much the same filter tip – the classic W shape. Some cones may have a filter tip with just a straight line down the middle – however these can allow a lot of Scooby snacks into your mouth. If you want something unique and with a tighter draw, try a spiral tipped pre-rolled cone. The spiral design creates a slightly tighter draw, which creates a smoother smoke and is conducive for big hits. The spiral pre-rolled cone is not only pretty, but the spiral shape also prevents any small pieces of flower from getting in your mouth. Also, the additionally surface area helps cool the smoke down slightly more.