Many of us are fond of some cannabis’ variety scents, but few would think of wearing it all the time. Some have, and they have created a new kind of perfume that makes use of cannabis’ distinctive smell. Cannabis perfume companies combine the smell of the loved plant with floral and earthy notes to create a smell sure to increase their profits.

Who does not remember the surreptitious days of spraying cologne and taking impromptu showers to mask the smell of weed? Times are changing for sure: weed perfume has become Supper trendy in the beauty and wellness industries. Surprisingly, it smells completely different from cannabis being burnt.

Cannabis perfume mixed with oud or rose takes on more subtle tones: it combines floral, piney, dark fruits, and earthy cedar notes with faints hints of cannabis’ characteristic skunky musk. Think of a large area greenhouse containing a careful selection of fragrant flowers, punctuated by a few cannabis plants, Sound like heaven for some right?

There are two kinds of cannabis perfume synthetic and the real deal:

Firstly authentic cannabis perfume is made from real cannabis plant material, and the synthetic cannabis perfume will not contain any kind cannabis, synthetic is constructed to capture that elusive scent that some love smell.

The synthetic is popular in places where cannabis is still illegal for obvious reasons.

The leading players in the perfume industry such as the Estee Lauder group and l’oreal group, not surprisingly have launched the products and are sure to expand on their ranges in the not too distant future.

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You may ask how do I make Cannabis-infused Lotions or even cannabis-infused perfume, well let us try and break it down in the most basic form for you. A general understanding of perfume making is required; there are plenty of books on Amazon that can provide additional information. There are 4 key ingredients: ethanol, spring water, essential oils, and base oil.

Essential oils are further divided into multi categories:




(The base is not meant to be confused with the carrier oil).

Once you have handpicked your essential oils, add them to the carrier oil—commonly sweet almond oil or perhaps jojoba oil.

You generally want to use an equal amount of drops for the top middle and bottom which will be diluted into your carrier oil 7grams,7grams,7grams to 14 grams of carrier oil, of course, you may want to tinker with these amounts.

More expensive ranges of perfume are selling a more concentrate product so more substantial on the oil, less ethanol, and water; meaning that the fragrance lasts longer on your skin.


Cannabis perfumes is a significant step in the direction of normalizing cannabis in the mainstream, which is excellent right? This truly represents a move back to a time when cannabis was commonly used for textiles, medicine, and cosmetics; not only America is allowing this to happen legally but also many Asian countries and moving at a fast pace. Multiple industries are beginning to see the full potential of this plant as more and more countries are committed to changing laws to accommodate industry and society as a whole so that it can be widely accessed.

Our Society as a whole needs to embracing the change, cannabis perfume, or cannabis clothing, and cannabis medicine, Effectively society should ask why are we committed to criminalizing people for a great plant that can be utilized in so many ways.